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The Obara Yekun sign: as long as the religious field works it will have evolution

Obara Yekun sign

For Obara Yekun to find the iré, he must do ebbó at the foot of Elegguá, the Orisha owner of all the paths of life, Eshú will provide you with what you are capable of deserving.

As long as you work in the religious field, good evolutions will not be lacking.

Your luck is outside the home, if you want to get it you must:

  • Go out to meet him,
  • work hard and
  • sacrifice yourself until you get what you want.

Orula advises you on the Obara Yekun Sign:

  • Wearing white, through this action your astrality will be purified.
  • Wear a red bracelet for the evil eye, because the sight of many people falls on you.

In this sign the religious is baña with cascarilla and brandy to keep disturbances out of your way.

For the opportunities to be consolidated you must do ebbó

A job proposal will come into your life that will revolutionize everything, a job in which you will have more financial development and a better position.

  • In order for opportunities to be consolidated in your life, you must do ebbó.
  • As a good protégé of Elegguá, you are a cheater and do not like to lose out.
  • Do not tell lies so that your destiny is not twisted.

You want to be financially successful, but you CANNOT despair

Learn to settle for what you have, know how to value the opportunities that life offers you because they will not be repeated.

  • Remember that even if you want to be financially savvy, you can't despair of getting it.
  • Do not take bad roads so that life does not pass the bill.
  • Avoid illegalities so that you do not have problems with the law.

Respect the height and be careful when climbing the stairs

In his destiny he is to make Osha and to consecrate his life in the Yoruba religion. 

The person you least expect will save you from an osogbo.

Some important warnings on the Obara Yekun Sign:

  • Respect the height.
  • Be careful going up the stairs because you could slip and have an accident.
  • In this Ifá it is not discussed in the street.
  • The person must stay away from gossip so that he does not lose his prestige.

Do not welcome into your home everyone who begs you for asylum

You are mediumship, spirits appear to you in dreams to give you messages and warn you of dangers.

Do not welcome into your home anyone who begs you for asylum because many people will do so with bad intentions.

Do not insist on things so that you do not fall behind, learn that it is better to be silent than to talk more than necessary.

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