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The Obara Sign and its advice: The Odun where the truth saves the religious

Obara sign

Obara is the odun of the Osha where the truth saves the santero while the lie sinks him in a sea of ​​osogbos. It is recommended not to raise false testimonies about any person as this action is severely punished by the Orishas.

The warnings and advice that must be respected in the Obara Sign

Respect for the elderly obara sign

Protect your head

It is strictly forbidden for the religious to touch his head because with this action they dirty his aura, damaging his spirituality.

The santero is advised of the need for only his elders to be in charge of begging him for his lerí (head) because through this ceremony the person is saved or harmed when it is performed with bad intentions.

Respect for the elderly and always ask for their blessing

When this letter comes out, the santero must be very careful in his actions with his elders, as he must try not to incur any fault with them.

The believer is always advised to ask for their blessing before performing any religious ceremony.

The iré arrives in the Oshún pumpkin

Giving or handling pumpkins is taboo in this odun because the Osha warns that in this vegetable the person's iré is found, which is given to him at the hands of the Orisha Oshun deity owner of sweetness and honey.

The santero should not eat food outside his home because his health is at risk because in Obara digestive diseases and food-mediated sorceries speak.

Be careful in personal relationships

Be careful obara sign

In Obara promiscuity should be avoided, religious who are governed by this sign are recommended not to get involved with married people and to lead a responsible sexual life in order not to acquire any coitally transmitted disease.

No practical jokes are made as these can trigger misunderstandings between friends which can end in major lawsuits. In the same way, the Osha warns about the illegal use and carrying of weapons.

The money that is lent to other people should better be given away because it will certainly never be returned.

Avoid vices and take care of clothing

Smoking in bed is definitely forbidden, since cigarettes can bring accidents to the life of the religious, such as unforeseen fires.

The eradication of vices is recommended in order for the individual to lead a better quality of life, which is why it is also recommended that they establish schedules and priorities in their day-to-day life.

By means of this letter it is advised not to use borrowed clothes or to use striped or checked clothes since these clothes delay the person.

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