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Odi Logbe sign warnings: You can never be number 3

Odi Logbe sign

The religious ruled by this Ifá You must not do business with two people, being the third person, nor can you become romantically involved with anyone who has had two previous relationships.

Do not take into account messages sent by third parties, avoid love triangles, the three will always bring you bad luck.

In this sign one suffers from circulatory problems, where the person may report having leg cramps.

Ifá says that you should put ice on the door of your house so that the entrance of the ilé is cooled and good fortune can access the home.

Orula recommends cleaning polish them with omiero, made with:

  • Victor,
  • basil and
  • remove the curse.

In Odi Logbe devotion is given to the Jimaguas

At Odi Logbe devotion is given to the jimaguas, make him a meal and buy him many candies so that the Orishas who defeated the war against the devil can help him overcome his struggles.

These saints will help you emerge victorious in difficult times and bring health and abundance to you and your family.

Give a gift of grace to the spirits in your ilé

Make a party for the spirits in your home to thank them for all they have done for you.

  • Put that day in the vault a black prince in each vase that you have represented, and
  • Throw smoked fish, corn and jutía all over the house.
  • When the work is done sweep the floor from the back of the house to the front door and throw the street sweeper away.

Don't go back your steps, don't go back to what you had

Odi Logbe must have only one word.

In this sign it is forbidden to go back the steps, therefore the religious must know that before making a decision he must think it very well because once made it must be irrevocable.

You cannot go back to your previous partners, when you decide to end a relationship assume that if you go back you will not be happy.

Odi Logbe's voice carries the Ashé de Ifá

The man born under the odun Odi Logbe came to earth to become Oluo and interpret the word of Ifá.

You are a person who has a holy mouth, because when you say things sooner or later they come true.

Never use that blessing that Olofin gave you to curse any human being, because even if your wishes are fulfilled you will end up losing your Ashe.

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