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4 Warnings of the Odi Meyi sign: DO NOT be guided by other people's experiences

Odi Meyi sign

In the sign Odi Meyi is lost by fear.

You cannot be influenced by unfortunate events that other people have had to suffer, because your luck and destiny will not be intertwined with that of your fellow men since Olofin created a different path for each of human beings.

1. He who harms another brings evil into his home

Odi Meyi is on duty to do good and not look at whom, as the old saying mentioned above quotes.

For when the religious act in bad faith, he attracts bad luck to himself and his family and the same osogbos that he wished for someone else, come into his life and take their toll on his perverse intentions.

If Odi Meyi is offended it is better to leave it in the hands of the Orishas The taking of revenge for the wrongs suffered and thus the delivery of the problems to divine justice will remove the troubles and the presence of karma on his path.

2. The grass that grows at the foot of the palm is not afraid of the wind

In the sign Odi Meyi was born to be reckless in life, the man governed under this Ifá does not know what fear is.

In this sign, the wind blew strongly, whipping the leaves of the royal palm, making them fall to the ground.

When the leaves fell scared they warned the grass that lay at the foot of the palm how dangerous the wind was, but instead of being scared the grass prepared for its arrival.

The wind blew and blew and the grass stood firm without being hurt or scared.

Man must be like grass, being able to face his destiny and the consequences of his actions without fear.

In this odun the person cannot be scared due to unfortunate experiences that others have had and you must experience their battles firsthand, as this will be the only way to know if you will be able to emerge victorious from the fight or not.

3. A tiger does not attack locked in an iron cage

Ifá says that a locked up tiger cannot attack, the same happens with problems and the future.

Man cannot live thinking that they will arrive and must act accordingly to be able to enjoy his passage through this world without tormenting himself by this.

Orula recommends not be like the tiger and leave your house so that you know the world and it knows you, because Odi Meyi finds luck outside your home.

You cannot be a prisoner of anything or anyone because you will not be happy.

4. Do not allow vices in your home, they will accuse you of vicious

In the house of the religious ruled by Odi Meyi, bad vices are prohibited, because when a situation of justice occurs, you will be the one who pays the consequences.

Be selective when choosing your circle of friends, as you will be judged by the actions they commit.

If they are given to the good you will be branded as a good person and if on the contrary they are given to the bad life you will be classified as these.

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