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Religious Advice related to the Odi Sign Avoiding is wise!

Odi santeria sign

When a santero draws the Odi sign, he must pay special importance to the advice of the Orishas who want the person to be saved from an evil that has been haunting them since ancient times.

Do you know the Prohibitions established by the Odi Sign in Santeria?

It is necessary that the religious who is governed by this sign does not perform any holy ceremony to minors, in the same way it is forbidden to baptize children in the Catholic religion.

Nor should religious work be performed by people with mental illness.

Respect the Palo Mayombe Rule

Odi sign

The Osha prohibits the santero who has Odi in his Itá from working the Rule of the Palo Mayombe as these ceremonies would delay him spiritually, it is indicated in the same way to respect the mayomberos and not to attend celebrations or rituals related to this religious sect.

DO NOT maintain debts with the Goddess Oshún

Under this odun, all debts that exist with Oshun, the religious is recommended to have the utmost respect for the descendants of this saint and not incur disrespect with them.

Avoid dirt in the home

It is strictly forbidden to have a dirty and untidy house, it is necessary to maintain good hygienic habits and wash the dirty dishes every day in order to prevent the Eggunes from going down to earth to take possession of this matter, a fact that would bring disturbance in the home.

Avoid conflicts with other people

Gossip is not cleared up or other people's problems are assumed because in the long run those involved become ungrateful with these actions.

The person should avoid love triangles as these will always trigger conflicts and hot flashes.

Be careful with medications

Self-administration of medications is taboo when this letter comes out, as this action could have fatal consequences for the life of the person involved.

In the same way, the administration of drugs to other people should be avoided, it is essential to discard drugs that are in poor condition or expired so as not to make the mistake of ingesting them by accident.

Several Councils of the Orishas that must be respected in the Odi Sign:

Prohibitions Odi sign
  • It is not crossed over the holes, as this action brings bad fortune to the individual.
  • Children are prohibited from being mistreated and needlessly punished.
  • The Osha prohibits the santero from getting wet with rainwater because this fact could bring the disease to his life.
  • It is taboo in this odun to wear red and paint your hair or nails in that hue.
  • Try not to utter obscenities or curse anyone.
  • For this odun, funerals or burials are not attended.
  • The sea and its depths must be respected, keeping special vigilance on accidents that children may suffer on the beach.

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