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The cult of the 2 Waters was born in Ofun Ogunda: Rituals and advice of the sign

Ofun Ogunda sign

Ofun Ogunda will find good luck At the mouth of the river in the sea, this will be the propitious place for the religious to carry out many of his consecrations.

You owe respect to the union of the two waters and when you pass through a place where this occurs you should cross your arms to Yemayá and Oshún, saints who in your life are a bulwark and who you have to take care of equally, to that jealousy does not occur between them.

Always respect the word of Yemayá and Oshún and count on both when making decisions, so that everything turns out as you wish.

Under the sign Ofun Ogunda is placed at the foot of the basket:

  • A vase with black princes and sunflowers in honor of the union of the two waters.

To prosper, the religious must make ebbo with a garment of value

In this Ifá, the godfather must make the godson an amulet with:

  • A stone from the union of the two waters,
  • sand and
  • a silver coin so that through this talisman the person is accompanied by good fortune.

When the religious wishes to prosper, he must ebbo with a valuable garment and in this way the iré will come into his life.

Work to prosper under the intercession of Elegguá

Give your Orishas a drum party in gratitude for all they have done for you.

In this letter, he suffers from diseases of the genito-urinary system, so Orula tells him to make ebbó with soursop leaves to solve these evils.

For the religious to prosper, they are made to Elegguá:

  • Three taro balls,
  • the Orisha is requested and
  • After three days they are taken to the sea, the work completed in the arms of Yemayá.

The person feels maritally neglected

In the Ofun Ogunda sign, the person feels maritally neglected, which is why they conceive that their union has weakened.

It is important that the couple dialogue and try to find a solution to their problems so that their relationship is not lost.

You are a lover of mirrors and internal order.

The children of Orula say Maferefún the yam in the Sign Ofun Ogunda

This letter relates when the enemies of orula they wanted to kill him by planting the aled landsañaSa his house with mines, the Oracle of Ifá realizing this situation went out through the field stepping on the yams and thus managed to escape certain death.

For this reason all the children of Orula say: Maferefún yam.

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