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"Ofun" is a spiritual Odun. Do you know the Prohibitions of this Sign?

Ofun sign

The religious who governs himself under this sign should not work without receiving remuneration in exchange for his efforts.

This is a letter where the person does not receive the recognition they deserve for their actions and is surrounded by ingratitude and betrayals.

Tips and prohibitions marked by the Ofun sign:

Ofun Sign Tips

Confession of religious secrets to other people is strictly prohibited as this is considered an act of desecration of the Yoruba Religion and as this is the easiest way for others to steal your luck.

The santero must be respectful and be attentive to their expressions and social behavior, as they will always be evaluated and judged in public.

Respect the special bond that one has in the spiritual world

In this odun the person has a special bond with the world of spirits, to avoid delays in his home he must cover all the empty bottles thus preventing some eggun poorly developed can penetrate these causing disturbances in the home.

La Osha recommends that the santero use la cascarilla regularly in baths, rituals and other ceremonies as this is Ofun's secret weapon on earth. For this odun no candles are blown, since this is an unconscious way to lose health and I will go.

An inviolable precept within the Ofun sign is the prohibition of casting curses or performing rituals in order to dañafor others, because these bad desires end up bouncing and falling on the life of the one who conjured them up, causing severe damage.

Take care of clothing

This letter is taboo that its represented dress in black or another dark color, through Ofun they do not sleep naked because this action causes spiritual inconveniences.

Protect family ties

Ofun is an odun where the family is everything, so it is recommended to strengthen emotional ties and union with it.

It is strictly forbidden to abandon any member of the family, especially if they are children, as they will grow up questioning the actions of the elders and will fill their hearts with resentment.

Avoid troublesome situations that steal your go

Prevent in the Sign Ofun

The practice of abortions is taboo, no alcoholic beverages or narcotics are ingested. Complaints should be avoided especially if the person has drunk too much.

The religious under this sign should not attend wakes or places where there are crowds because in these places are their worst osogbos.

It is advisable to eat a consistent rhythm to avoid gastrointestinal diseases.

Once the person has closed the door of his house, he should not get out of bed during the night to open it again since this will always cause inconvenience.

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