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The sign Ogbe Irete What teachings does Ifá give us in this Odun?

Ogbe Irete sign

The supremacy of the Ifá room was not born for Ogbe Irete, because Ifá says that this is not his mission on earth, because for him there are other different plans.

Under this letter the secrets of Ozain were discoveredTherefore, the religious owes veneration to the Orisha who knows the properties of all medicinal herbs, who seeks special protection over him.

Oshún and Ozain are the protectors of this Odun

Oshun She will always intercede for Ogbe Irete, because this saint is the defender of man in this odun.

While orunmila he is in charge of judging their attitudes, punishing the religious when he is wrong and rewarding him when he deserves it.

Ozai He intercedes in the same way for the good of the individual, because he considers him a very dear son, for which he gives him good fortune and financial luck from anonymity.

In Ogbe Irete a horse is put to Oggún

In Ogbe Irete a Oggun the representation of a horse is offered to him so that the owner of the iron helps the person to take control of his life, being the protagonist of his own decisions.

This work intercedes in the dominion of the children, to guide them on a good path when they are derailed.

What diseases predominate in Ogbe Irete?

In this letter, the man must wear underwear, as he usually suffers from pain in the testicles, a part of his body that he must take care of with special care.

They are of predilection in this odun:

  • Blood pressure,
  • headaches and
  • diseases of the hematological system.

Under this letter were born sexually transmitted diseases, mainly gonorrhea.

Therefore, the individual who governs under this Ifá must try to be careful in the sexual sphere, since he is prone to suffer these evils.

The bans on Ogbe Irete

In Ogbe Irete it is strictly forbidden to eat eggs, because through this food Orunmila was given sorcery.

This letter marks disenchantment with the Yoruba religion, which is why it is often mentioned that by the hands of an individual who possesses this sign, the fundamentals of Osha-Ifá can be lost or discarded.

Reason why the godfather must explain to his godson that the saints and religious powers help man spiritually and do not come into our lives to fulfill impossible desires or silly whims but to bring us stability.

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