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5 Warnings for the Irous Ogbe sign: DO NOT envy those around you

Iroso Ogbe sign

In Ogbe Iroso the Shishirikú had besieged the religious so it was necessary the intervention of orunmila for the person to free themselves from such delay.

You are a spiritist and therefore spirits approach you and are sometimes prone to picking up hexes that weren't even for you.

Under this letter you must provide the same offerings to Eleggua that Shango, for being both Orishas two bastions of inestimable value in his life.

Secrets have been discovered in his family and plans have been undermined by exposing too much information to the public.

1. Respect so that they respect you in the sign Ogbe Iroso

  • You will inherit religious foundations from your own family.
  • If she is a woman, her destiny will serve Orunmila by being her appetite.
  • Moderate your character and be clear in your decisions so that everyone knows who you are and no one questions your preferences.
  • Always impose respect for your person, without having to hurt any of your peers and be respectful to others.

2. Infidelity will bring you harm

Do not be unfaithful to your principles, nor in your married life, as this will have serious consequences.

To succeed you must be suspicious and hand over your dreams and aspirations to your Guardian Angel.

  • Under this letter luck and health are awarded to the person.

3. Despair and pride are the osogbos of Ogbe Iroso

The two great osogbos for the Ogbe Iroso sign are despair and pride, defects that must be improved little by little so that they do not lead to perdition.

Take problems in stride and use wisdom to find the best solutions to these dilemmas.

You will not be alone, as the saints and the dead will reach out to you in helping you overcome vicissitudes.

4. Have respect for animals, as you can be attacked by them

The person governed by this odun must take special care when visiting zoos, on safaris or sports diving, as this letter marks the aggression of some ferocious animal that could cost him his life.

If you walk down the street and see an upset animal, do not approach it, because it couldañarlo.

In the same way, never advance from the rear of any horse, because you will not know if it is close or not.

5. Be satisfied with what Olofin gave you

Do not be ambitious and settle for what Olofin gave you, do not envy those around you, rather put yourself on the job of improving your life.

Before any ailment, go immediately to the doctor, because that Ifá warns diseases related to:

  • Blood and
  • the intestine.

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