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Ogbe Iwori and the advice of Ifá for the religious Away the arrogance!

Ogbe Iwori sign

Ogbe Iwori is an Ifa odun that requires to be interpreted with precision, at first glance it warns the need to raise the guard, since the osogbos lurk and death constantly haunts the religious, predicting the possible threat that unfortunate events will break out in the home.

Ogbe Iwori: An Ifa of Impersonation

This letter talks about impersonation, which is not limited only to the workplace, as it can also refer to marriage, family and life itself, so the religious should not visit:

  • Hospitals,
  • Funeral homes,
  • no cemeteries.

In view of trying to move this astral out of your way.

In Ogbe Iwori the best friends become the worst enemies, with betrayal the standard in most of their human relationships.

A respect for Eggún in Ogbe Iwori

The Eggunes They are a bulwark in the life of the awo that governs under this sign, since they will give or take away everything in life, therefore a respect for the dead.

You should always prioritize serving them and consulting with them any work that is going to be carried out, in this way the objectives will be achieved more easily.

¡Do not live in disappointment!

Through this letter the promises fall to the ground and are not fulfilled.

It is strictly prohibited live in concubinage, because in the future the union will never be consolidated, becoming unknown by man.

For this orunmila advises keeping a sentimental distance from married or engaged people.

In Ogbe Iwori for pride the reason is lost

In this sign of Ifá, embarrassment is born, so it is recommended:

  • Maintain a correct attitude and do not abuse alcoholic beverages, or engage in gossip or get into debt.
  • Avoid arguments, as fights you get into will not end peacefully.
  • Do not raise your hand to a woman, as Olofin will curse this behavior leading to ruin.

In this odun for pride the reason is lost.

The man must be careful, because a woman with whom he had some kind of bond in the past is secretly preparing a trap for him to tie him up through religion.

Whenever Ogbe Iwori goes out, it rains, because the holy water by Olofin falls on the earth to appease the evils that beset it and give human beings a little peace.

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