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The Ogbe Obara Sign and the Ifá wisdom that a Santero must know

Ogbe Obara sign

Ogbe Obara is a sign that marks disputes between brothers due to jealousy, a situation that must be corrected in time before the seeds of resentment and hatred sprout between them.

Make ebbó so that your family is not destroyed by this cause.

And keep in mind that to prosper in life it is important to first build a solid home where harmony reigns.

Lean on Shango to solve your problems

Shango is the Orisha who will watch over you and your family, this saint is asked to help you overcome difficult times, rely on him to overcome crises and tell him what ails you.

The Orisha who owns the candle will know well how to appease those evils that disturb him.

Assist the spirits to improve your luck.

Tend their spirits daily and pay tribute to eggun On a day when a storm is approaching, because in this work will be their salvation.

Dedicate mass to the deceased of your family and light candles in the church so that their souls rise and position themselves at the right hand of the Savior.

Odun where the passage to the other world begins

In Ogbe Obara, the aunt is greeted by crossing her arms and paying tribute, because through this animal the odun is represented on earth.

Here we talk about the Ituto ceremony and the moment when the Orishas talk about their permanence or departure from this world towards Ara Onu, a term designated to name the Yoruba paradise.

Avoid conflicts in your home by visiting Orula

This letter shows the occurrence of phenomena in your home where there are incompatibility of characters and imposition of ideas, a situation that will end up exploding into a great conflict.

Visits to orunmila so that the lawsuits end and you find the peace of mind you need to live happily.

In Ogbe Obara you prosper using intelligence

You will aspire to great positions due to your work performance, this Ifá talks about prosperity in this sector, a position where you will come to assume high responsibilities.

For all the aforementioned, you will be involved in gossip and envy, which will end in smears denied by your own efforts and outstanding results.

Tips and Prohibitions in Ogbe Obara

  • Avoid eating face beans.
  • Don't wear patterned clothes and instead go for solid colored garments.
  • Do not attend meetings disappointed, as you will not achieve your goal.
  • Always use intelligence and try to find coherent solutions to the problems that afflict you.
  • Do not get carried away by gossip and dedicate yourself to finding the real background of the situations.

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