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5 Teachings of Ogbe Odi: You must camouflage yourself to defeat enemies

Ogbe Odi sign

Two chickens to the river are the tribute that Oshún the Orisha owner of the honey of bees He asks you in exchange for the iré that will be delivered to you directly from your hands.

Through this odun of IfáThings and their own obligations are not abandoned to solve those of others, the religious does not part with their material goods to benefit others, because in the long run they will lose everything.

Under this letter, natural elements take on special prominence, so it is essential feed the earth every year in payment for all those goods that it provides and as a ceremony in search of stability and health.

1. Inexperience is the greatest disadvantage suffered by the religious

Inexperience is the greatest disadvantage suffered by the religious who is governed under this odun.

That is why one of the patakis belonging to this sign reflects that Shangó was guiding Obatalá, indicating the path he should take in order not to fail in life.

2. Take the path of good to succeed in life

In this Ifá, good and bad things are born, therefore, Orunmila always recommends taking the path of good in life and becoming a person of benefit for society.

By this letter the religious is considered a respectful and compliant person, who is capable of assuming high responsibilities with dedication.

3. You are an intelligent person and for this they want to overshadow you

Ifá says that you are a very intelligent and capable person, so those around you will try to preserve a large part of their responsibilities on their back, hiding behind ignorance so as not to perform their functions.

This letter speaks of overexploitation, an act that you are in the duty of not allowing.

4. In the sign Ogbe Odi was born the art of camouflage

Orunmila recommends planting leafy plants in your home garden, because camouflage was born in Ogbe Odi.

At times when it is convenient for you, apply camouflage to your advantage to:

  • Hide from enemies by changing your appearance through clothing and hair,
  • get rid of obligations that do not correspond and
  • to successfully develop projects that, if they came to light prematurely, would be ruined by envy and rumors.

5. Ogbe Odi is lucky for business

Do not tell others about your plans so that the competition does not beat you and you fail in your endeavor.

This odun says that you are a very lucky person for business, luck that is often tainted by the jealousy of those who want to be like you and fail in the attempt.

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