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The sign Ogbe Ofun, where the luck of the man is housed in his family

Ogbe Ofun sign

The luck of Ogbe Ofun you are in your partner, take care of your marriage and your family and life will undoubtedly smile on you.

In this odun of Ifá reigns Obatalá, holy owner of intelligence, virtue with which you must face all the battles that arise in life.

If you use your intelligence you will win and you will get experiences that in the future will allow you not to hit the same stone twice.

In Ogbe Ofun it is the man's duty to respect women

Respect women, remember that you came from the womb of a:

  • Do not raise your voice,
  • avoid misunderstandings and
  • make of account that the offenses that these may cause you have no validity whatsoever.

In Ogbe Ofun, the religious must respect the color red and all the drinks and food that are dyed with this tone.

In his destiny he is to receive an inheritance, a benefit that will create discord in his family.

You must avoid confrontations with justice, keep your business in order to get that letter out of your way.

Under this sign, the person possesses a journey that arrives firmly in his life, allowing him to know the world.

Do not follow impulses or be guided by whims

Ifá says that you will face a power struggle for a job with a person who wants to take your place.

You cannot enter into relationships with a person of strong and inflexible character because you will not find true happiness in that union.

Do not follow impulses or be guided by whims, for things to flow in your life you must use reason.

Do not lend your belongings because you will not be able to get them back

In Ogbe Ofun, the consumption of alcoholic beverages is taboo, you cannot drive after having drunk, because as a result of alcoholism you may suffer a traffic accident.

You will lose an object of value that you have loaned, do not claim its return because when you do it will have been broken and you learn that you should not lend any of your belongings to other people.

Don't let anyone interfere in your life

Your home is visited by a woman who wants your marriage to break down and continually makes your partner see your flaws and deficiencies.

Do not allow anyone to interfere in your life, ask your partner in what aspects you should improve so that both of you feel happier and thus your relationship does not break. 

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