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Strengths and weaknesses in the Ogbe Ojuani sign, where the Mother is everything

Ogbe Ojuani sign

Ogbe Ojuani establishes an immediate cult to the figure of the motherBecause the person who brought you into the world is the person who has sacrificed the most for you and to whom you owe what you are and what you have.

If her mother is dead, Ifá advises to make an animal sacrifice in the shadow of her spirit to satisfy her and in this way help her to evolve by providing spiritual progress.

Under this letter the mothers ask the Orishas for health for their children, and these willingly agree to fulfill their wishes, because it is in Ogbe Ojuani where the blessings of their mother come directly to the person.

Make ebbó so you can defeat your enemies

This letter warns of the stalking of the enemies and the imperative need to make ebbó to emerge victorious from the fight.

Ask orunmila wisdom and this will provide it, but then be able to use it properly, so that the oracle of Ifá is not disappointed in having helped him.

The Lily is the secret flower of the Ogbe Ojuani Sign

The secret flower of Ogbe Ojuani is the lily, with this pacts are sealed with the spirits, therefore, the day you go to attend the Eggunes do not stop placing this beautiful flower on it.

Orunmila warns in this sign the defeat of an enemy that has caused damage in his life and with this you will unintentionally unmask a false friend, who is underhanded wishing him evil from anonymity.

The person will resurface showing stronger before the world

In Ogbe Ojuani the person will go through difficulties that will make them hit rock bottom.

But with the help of Orunmila and the blessing of the Orishas, ​​he will recover little by little and will come back afloat, showing greater strength and intelligence than in the past.

Do you know the diseases that are born in Ogbe Ojuani?

Diseases that affect the bone system and the hemolymphopoietic system are the Achilles heel of the Ogbe Ojuani Sign.

These pathologies are the ones that the religious should pay more attention to and in the event of any minor symptoms, go to the doctor, as they will be ailments that once unleashed will be difficult to contain.

  • Cardiovascular diseases they also lurk in this sign of Ifá.

Where the person sometimes shows a strong and impulsive character, which should improve because these outbursts of anger will damage their health.

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