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Ogbe Okana sign, where there are no second chances for the traitor

Ogbe Okana sign

In the Ogbe Okana sign discredit was born by the imposition of character.

It is where you should not allow yourself to be manipulated by anyone, staying focused on analyzing, apoyáBased on the evidence, what is best for you and your family.

In the same way, the sign warns of the need not to be imposing with those around it, keeping in mind that all human beings deserve a personal space that must be respected.

Odun where the religious will always be judged

In this sign the religious is constantly judged and criticized for everything he does, always having ingratitude as payment.

Therefore, the individual is exhorted to continue doing good, without expecting anything in return and to make his way in the world without seeking the approval of others.

Ifá where justice is not taken by hand

Ogbe Okana does not take in sick animals or take undue responsibilities.

This odun describes that the ridicules related to you in the present will be paid with tears in the future.

Do not take justice into your own hands, let the weight of truth and divine supremacy take over.

Lyrics where you are always a learner

Ifá says not to worry or despair about what you do not have today, because in the future you will get everything you need.

In the Ogbe Okana sign there is much to see, hear and learn, be receptive to the teachings, because there will be your salvation.

Act humbly and you will see how many opportunities will come your way.

In Ogbe Okana they wanted to disturb Obatalá

Preferably wear white clothing, as this tone will favor you since it was in Ogbe Okana where they wanted to disturb Obatala and they couldn't get it.

Stick to this deity and pray to him for health and serenity, look at yourself in the mirror of the Orisha who owns all heads and never give your enemies the pleasure of seeing you lost or defeated.

Ifá says: There are no second chances for traitors

Do not trust the people who once wanted to harm you.

orunmila warns that traitors are not given second chances in this sign. 

  • Beware of contracting diseases related to the respiratory system, as these ailments are often complicated.
  • Always use your intelligence to get out of difficulties and stand firm in your convictions.
  • Do not change your decisions to please others, because in the long run you will lose out.

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