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Ogbe Bear Sign Warnings: Don't Take Advantage Of Others' Misfortunes

Ogbe Bear sign

Ogbe Osa is an odun ruled by Obatalá, major saint and Orisha owner of human intelligence.

It was in this letter that Baba blessed the silver and instructed his children to wear a garment made with this sacred metal, so that their protection and blessings could reach them.

It is better to be alone than in bad companyañado

Under this sign the individual is better off alone than in bad company.añado.

orunmila He advises you to put aside people who do not contribute anything and go in search of those friends who will drive you to grow and improve a little more every day.

People who will give you good advice and will not try to sink you or defame you. 

An exercised mind will not atrophy

In the Ogbe Bear sign, the mind is exercised so that it does not atrophy, trying to learn new things such as crafts.

This odun describes the gradual loss of memory, it is necessary to respect schedules and create healthy habits, where there is a discipline to:

  • The job,
  • Rest,
  • feeding and
  • the dream.

By doing ebbó man prospered

It was in this Ifá where the religious to obtain sources of income saw the need to do ebbó and learned that with the help of Osha-Ifá he would go far.

By this letter the religious is obliged to respect the elderly and forgive grievances, even if he is harmed.

Never take advantage of the misfortunes of others

In this sign, no person is cursed, not even enemies, since the person is hurt by his own words, forming problems and phenomena triggered by his own words in his destiny.

Always respect cemeteries and funeral homes and never look to the pain of others for the advantage to attack or charge a foul.

Show the world that you are worth more than that.

In times of hardship, do not lose faith

In Ogbe Osa, events arise momentarily that will destabilize his plans.

But do not worry about this, keep calm that with the help of the Orishas everything will return to normal.

Ifá advises you saving money for when times of scarcity arrive don't be deprived of solutions to your problems.

Lead by example if you want to succeed in the Ogbe Bear Sign

You were born to be a leader and to pay homage to such a high profit you must start by leading by example in any setting where it takes place.

This will earn you the respect of all your subordinates and other co-workers.

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