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Ifá says that the secret of Ogbe Oshe's iré is in Olorun. Tips!

Ogbe Oshe sign

Pataki of this Odun de Ifá:

In Ogbe Oshe The animals did not want to consider the parrot, they mocked his benevolence and with each passing day his intentions became more openly shameless, coming to place the greater weight of the fulfillment of his responsibilities on the animal.

The parrot, which was a beautiful animal, began to lose its feathers, acquiring a disheveled appearance, which reflected a worn countenance.

He felt unfortunate and went to visit Orula, Orisha who warned him that he had to loosen all the chains that bound him to responsibilities that did not correspond to him in order to move forward.

The parrot listened in silence to Orula's words and when he began to detach himself from tasks that did not belong to him, he saw how his supposed friends offended with him were moving away from his life.

And he understood that his delay was due to their lack of consideration and his lack of character to refuse to pay favors that made him a slave.

The I will in Ogbe Oshe is under the gaze of Olorun

In Ogbe Oshe the religious must attend to his spiritual commission to obtain peace and prosperity in life.

He will go in this sign It is reached through greeting and imploring Olorun, so it is recommended at every sunrise to ask the Sun for the blessing.

Through this odun the sun came to earth to give it life.

Ifá advises you:

  • Work outside your home and interact more with the people around you.
  • You are a person who cannot live in the shadows or from anonymity.
  • You cannot work the religious field to harm anyone, because the curses will turn against you.

Thanks to hard work you get prosperity in life

Don't share your secrets with anyone so they don't give you away.

This sign speaks to the religious of having suffered needs in his youth and advises him to work and focus on the future so as not to suffer the same fate in his old age.

When the individual is behind and wishes to prosper, he places an offering of five turrets to Oshún.

The taboos of the Ogbe Oshe sign

  • Respect mixed salads and love affairs with people close to your family.
  • In places where you are not welcome, do not attend.
  • In this sign, money that is not well invested does not last.
  • It is taboo at Ogbe Oshe's house to own empty cages.
  • You must respect the night and work mainly during the day.
  • Under this letter, the pregnant women of the family are ebbó so that the baby does not die.
  • You must dress with garments of a single color for luck to come, avoid patterned clothing.

Advise and educate your children not to make bad decisions

In Ogbe Iroso, tattoos were born.

Ifá says that in this sign the father takes care that the daughter falls in love with a bad match and she ends up married to the man that he did not dream of for her.

Therefore, it is necessary to talk with the children and educate them regarding the values ​​that they should look for in a partner to prevent the bad handwriting from being fulfilled.

In this letter the joy and the will to live was born.

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