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5 Pillars of the Ogbe Otura sign: In unity you will find iré and evolution

Ogbe Otura sign

The Mamey is a fruit that holds many mysteries, from its rough and brown appearance hides a treasure of great flavor and color inside.

This delicacy related to Shangó and Elegguá is an exotic garment that brings good luck and development to man. 

Mamey Colorado is the fruit that saves Ogbe Otura, so it is taboo to eat it in this sign.

With it the religious can perform dissimilar ceremonies, from offering it to the Orishas as an adimú (offering) or using it in the performance of an ebbó (cleaning).

1. Support and fraternity will make you know more about religion

In Ogbe Otura the religious will need the support of other people to achieve their dreams.

This is a letter where the biological and religious family must remain together.

It's recommended the individual to carry out religious work in the company of other brothers so that various energies converge in their work and they can evolve faster in the field of Osha-Ifá.

Do not seek to be the advantageous student, better dedicate yourself to learn from your elders and study religion so that you will obtain development.

2. The Eggunes will be a bulwark in your life

Faced with tragedy and illness in this sign, it is a priority to work with the Eggunes, since they will be the only ones empowered to resolve the situation that afflicts them in a spiritual way.

Go to the doctor and do not forget that health is the most precious asset that every human being has, therefore, it must be preserved at all costs.

3. Find out what the animals blessed by Olofin advise

The monkey, the cat and the mouse are the animals blessed by Olofin in the sign Ogbe Otura.

  • From the monkey take intelligence,
  • of the cat the patience to hunt their prey and
  • mouse his speed to withdraw in time before the threat of danger.

4. Odun where the differentiation of the person is born

In Ogbe Otura the mud and the sand were different.

Metaphor with which the first Yorubas referred to being able to elucidate good from evil, what is good and bad, truth and lies, and so on, numerous examples could be cited.

For this letter you can not live engañagive or protect false illusions because it will be disengagedañado.

Learn to accept your reality so that you can make solutions.

Ifá says that you will always stand out from your companions so you must maintain correct behavior.

5. Tips and trivia about the Ogbe Otura sign

  • In this Ifá the earth rotted due to the sins of humanity.
  • You should not bear responsibilities that do not correspond to you, because in the end your reputation will be stained and you will be frowned upon.
  • Do not live with worries, because you will not be able to enjoy the present.
  • Sunday is your lucky day.
  • This odun indicates the eradication of indecision as a cure for all ills, do not doubt your actions and you will obtain a resounding victory.

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