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Advice from Ogbe Tumako: The consequences are paid by the innocent

Ogbe Tumako sign

Ogbe Tumako translated from Yoruba to Spanish is interpreted as:

The mother who protects her child by carrying him on her back.

Odun who talks about maternal dedication to caring for children, where Ifá warns to be careful with the upbringing of descendants.

These, having everything, can create extreme dependence on their parents and not strive to be independent, or achieve their dreams, expecting everything to come into their hands without sacrificing themselves.

In this Ifá, the innocent are always harmed, since the weight of a guilt that they did not cause falls on them, but that they have to pay.

In the Ogbe Tumako sign, the impersonation was born where the young man claims his rights from the old man, imposing his ideas and a new way of seeing life, a fact that brings a great revolution in its wake.

Revenge is being plotted towards you on the Sign Ogbe Tumako

By this letter the warrior Orishas are received to win the battles that are to come.

You must attend to Eleggua so that this deity opens the ways for him and can firmly achieve all that the future has in store for him.

Be careful with your enemies, because from their underhanded position they wish to do you evil and are plotting revenge against you.

Letter where parents answer for the mistakes of their children

Ogbe Tumako is a letter where parents respond for the mistakes of their children and sometimes they suffer embarrassment because of the way their descendants are.

When you are a godmother or godfather of a saint, maintain a cordial relationship with your godchildren and do not allow disrespect or disobedience on your part.

Encourage unity and fraternity in your religious circle so that you are not associated with gossip.

Never wear borrowed clothes because there will be your misfortune

Respect the sea, home of Yemayá, a place where you can have a bad time or be involved in a situation without having anything to do with the problem.

In this letter the person is a participant in complaints even due to confusion.

For this reason, do not wear borrowed clothes, much less to go out, as they could confuse you with another person and this will have serious consequences.

Ifá says: You had to mature before your time

You are a person who had many responsibilities during childhood and was forced to mature at an early age, a fact that marked you forever.

Do not have jars or empty containers in the house, because evil spirits will take advantage of these places to shelter and torment you.

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