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Ifá Wisdom in Ogbe Yono: With a good head luck comes and I will go

Ogbe Yono sign

Ogbe Yono is an Ifá where Through the mediation of the word, the objectives are achieved without the need to incur violence.

orunmila He advises the religious who are governed by this odun to avoid pretense and greed as they are two sources of misfortune for man, alerting him to being able to lose what he has by the simple fact of ambitioning more than what can be encompassed. 

Ifá says through this sign that in matters of the heart you have to be careful and be selective when choosing the person with whom you want to share your life.

This letter marks diseases related to the digestive tract and a wave of deaths from epidemics.

Make ebbó so that the family does not separate

Ogbe Yono is an odun who alerts the separation of the family, to prevent this from happening sacrifices must be made to Shangó and Oggún.

If you are going to make a trip, you must do it accompaniedañado of a doll, female representation that later will live in his house to bring him iré.

How do you save in the Ogbe Yono sign?

Vegetable brain and breadfruit are two items that will save Ogbe Yono when he needs to refresh his head with a prayer.

With these ingredients he will direct his head to Obatalá, begging this great Orisha to give him intelligence and serenity to make better decisions in life.

At Ogbe Yono, luck and abundance are queens

Ifá advises to carry out the ebbó woman so that she can procreate.

In the Ogbe Yono sign, luck and abundance are queens when you have the necessary head to make decisions.

Ogbe Yono is marked by three surgeries, those that will happen indistinctly in his life and those that will have a special relationship with the gastrointestinal tract.

Avoid jealousy and insecurities

Vision care is essential in this letter where this sense is needed to clearly see enemies.

You must avoid jealousy and insecurities because they will both cause many troubles in your life, mainly in the love sphere.

The secrets of Ogbe Yono

Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages and walking in a hurry, as this can have serious health-related consequences, but also with walking over hexes that will end up harming you.

  • In this sign, Yemayá and Oshún should be venerated equally.
  • Black clothes will bring you backwardness so avoid wearing this tonality.
  • Always respect the alligator, the piraña and the sheep, animals with which this sign is represented through the Yoruba patakis.

The sacred herbs of Ogbe Yono are:

  • The Jobo,
  • the prodigious,
  • the Siguaraya and
  • the Moruro.

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