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Warnings of the Ogunda Ika sign: Consciousness is the scourge of the body

Ogunda Ika sign

The religious left a love in other lands and sometimes suffers this absence in silence wishing to go back in time.

In this sign, consciousness is the scourge of the body and no matter how many places the person seeks to hide, they will never be able to escape their thoughts.

Ogunda Ika dies far from his homeland, for this reason the individual must be very careful when undertaking a trip.

Before leaving, he must ask for the consent of his saints so that when he arrives in another land, death will not welcome him.

The cemetery of the elephants is born in this odun

In this odun the cemetery of the elephants is born, a place where these animals travel to die.

This metaphor speaks about the fall of a renowned person.

After his departure, many people will come to his home to take advantage and see what they can take, wishing in turn to invent what to talk about the process, pretending to be very hurt by the loss when it really is not.

In this sign money is not exchanged for health

  • It is an odun where money is not exchanged for health,
  • Nor is the old abandoned for the new,
  • never leave what you have for sure to reach utopias that you probably won't be able to reach.

Make do with what you have and know how to look forward to the arrival of better opportunities without this being a defeat for you or having unfavorable repercussions on your health.

Take care of your family and put your children as your number one priority

  • Do not do business with unknown people,
  • don't reveal your secrets
  • keep in mind that whatever you don't do in your youth you won't have a chance to do in your old age.

Take care of your family and make your children your number one priority, because if they don't grow up receiving your love, they won't have love to give back to you in their old age.

Let go of impulses and learn to analyze your actions

Put aside impulses and unnecessary courage, because on many occasions losing is also won.

Avoid problems and to the place where you do not feel welcome, simply do not go.

Analyze the situations that arise in your life so that after making a decision you do not feel that you should have acted differently.

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