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Ogunda Iroso does not give in to blackmail or bow down to arrogance

Iroso Ogunda Sign

at the sign Ogunda Iroso does not give in to blackmail, does not bend his head in the face of arrogance and only bows in front of the Orishas' tureens.

In this sign the person is judged according to the friends with whom he meets.

It is on this path that man experiences important personal growth, leaving aside immaturity to focus on his future.

The person seeks to experience a change, because he wants to achieve prosperity

Ifá says that:

The man who raises his hand to a woman in this sign will receive Olofin's punishment upon himself.

The person seeks to experience a change, because he wants to achieve prosperity in life, for this he cannot despair, because in his destiny an iré awaits him from the hands of the Orisha Oshun.

Do not abandon your convictions because you will lose your identity

The man in this Ifá can be induced by people close to him to abandon the religion, a fact that will only depend on his criteria, because when one is sure of what he feels and what he believes, those types of intentions lose validity.

  • Take care of your saints and religious articles, do not suffer the loss of these.
  • Comply with the works that the Orishas and the eggunes mark for you so that you can evolve.

In Ogunda Iroso Yewa formed a brotherhood of priestesses on earth.

This letter marks the importance of unity for the religious people, because in the union there will always be strength.

This odun prohibits prostitution and illicit business, avoid problems with the law so that your freedom is not in danger.

Ogunda Iroso is an Ifá sign of travel and prosperity

Ifá says that Ogunda Iroso will visit many countries in the world, but at some point in his life he must return to the land where he was born to pay tribute to his ancestors.

In this odun the person will be prone to undergo an emergency surgical intervention.

Pray to the spirits and the Orishas, ​​as they will always be willing to listen to you.

Olofin sentenced Ozun to live on his feet

In this sign Olofin sentenced Ozun to live on his feet, place this Orisha in a high place in the house, which is quiet, preferably near Orunmila.

This letter requires the religious to stand up against the adversities of life, just as the warrior Orisha does, because there is no blow that the religious faces alone, even when he cannot see it, his spiritualities will be sustaining him in the trials of life.

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