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What brand Ogunda Iwori? Here reigns Yemayá the Orisha mother of the world

Ogunda Iwori Sign

Ogunda Iwori is a sign of Ifá where the religious owes Yemayá devotion and respect.

In this sign, the Orisha, mother of the world, reigns. When Ogunda Iwori is in Itá, she must pay special attention to the conversation that takes place. the deity Yemaya he wants to have with him, because in his snails will be the secret that frees him from all evils.

Under the action of Yemayá, the person must respect pork, as this will be detrimental to their health.

If the religious wishes to obtain the help of the holy Yemayá:

  • You can make an offering of black princes and
  • two white candles at the foot of his tureen,
  • fundamentally, if what you need is to define the making of a decision.

To take care of your health Orula says that:

People born under this Ifá must take care of their health from oncoproliferative processes, especially in the breasts and ganglion regions.

  • Do not expose yourself to unnecessary radiation,
  • not give in to vices,
  • should be kept especially separate from the consumption of alcohol and other substances.

Orula recommends you in this letter not to give away photos of yourself

Ogunda Iwori must ask for Osain's consent to collect any herb from the mountain and leave a right before taking it, so that the spirit of the plant remains in it and its energy can be used during the Osha-Ifá ceremonies.

Orula recommends you in this letter not to give your photos to anyone to prevent sorceries from being performed on you.

Beware of people who wish to live in your shadow

In Ogunda Iwori Ozain is the Orisha protector of marriage.

Be careful with people who want to live in your shadow, this letter marks:

  • Bad thanks and
  • betrayal of the religious

You cannot allow any person to live from your sacrifice.

The religious ruled by this Ifá You must fight to gain your independence, so that you can find yourself completely happy.

The osogbo of Ogunda Iwori is found downplay women

Ogunda Iwori's osogbo lies in despising and minimizing women.

In this sign the man cannot be macho, because in the woman the Ashé that men lack will be found.

Other powerful advice of the Ogunda Iwori sign:

  • Avoid going to places where large crowds of people converge, because in the middle of a confusion you could be harmed.
  • Try not to get involved in riotous fights.
  • Avoid getting into trouble with the authorities, because in the middle of the conflict you could lose your freedom.

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