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What does Ogunda Odi say? Sign where Obatalá and Oke are venerated equally

Ogunda Odi sign

Ogunda Odi is an Ifá sign of illusions, where the religious pursues his whole life, dreams, some manage to achieve them and others do not.

This odun marks failure when the person does not focus on carrying out actions to obtain what they want, because having aspirations is essential to live, but success is achieved when behaviors are taken in order to make them come true.

The man governed by this sign sometimes stops living in the present, losing himself in his imagination.

The lie is the osogbo by which the religious is lost in life

Orula says that:

  • In this sign the lie was born, osogbo by which the religious is lost.

Do not cheat anyone if you do not want to be paid in the same currency.

In this odun, when the person lies, the lies become the truth.

Do not accept that there are enmities under your roof, harmony must reign in your house so that the iré arrives and everything goes properly.

Do not buy other people's problems because ingratitude will be the payment for your actions.

In this Ifá reigns Obatalá, the Orisha owner of all heads

In the odun (sign) Ogunda Odi reigns Obatalá, the Yoruba deity owner of all heads.

  • The religious is instructed to dress preferably in white or light colors to attract luck to his destiny.
  • In this sign, the person does not argue when he does not agree with something and sees that the situation is getting out of control, he simply has to withdraw to avoid the emergence of greater evils.
  • Do not use violence or carry weapons, as a courteous retreat may be your salvation.

Worship Oke the main staff of Obatalá in the Yoruba pantheon

In this Ifá, Oke reigns, a deity who is Obatalá's staff and a fundamental pillar in the life of every religious.

The person in this sign must entrust himself to this saint to achieve his purposes with wisdom, since Oke represents:

  • Stability,
  • the power of reasoning and
  • the materialization of thoughts.

In Ogunda Odi, Obatalá and Oke should be worshiped equally, since one does not exist without the other.

When the man places an offering, he must do it in the name of the two and when passing in front of a rock formation he must ask for the protection of the Orishas who dress in white.

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