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8 Tips from the Okana Obara Ifá Sign that will open paths for you

The Okana Obara sign says to be careful not to suffer theft, keep your belongings in order and well protected.

Okana Obara's success lies in obedience and in pleasing the orisha Obatala By offering him two white chickens, respecting Baba he will have the head and intelligence to face life.

Shangó is the staff of Okana Obara, this Orisha has given you a lot of will in your life, be grateful and offer him addimú (offering) in exchange for all the love and care he has shown you.

In Okana Obara if he respects Obatalá he will have development

1. Before going on a trip, consult your orishas and do ebbó

Ifá warns you to consult your orishas before traveling, give them knowledge of the journey you are going to undertake and do ebbó so that everything works out as you expect.

In this sign It is taboo to mistreat beggars and the elderly, respect all the people around you so that you are respected.

You can't lend money It will be difficult for you to recover it or you simply will not be able to do it and then difficulties will arise.

2. Don't cry misery so that you don't fall behind, fight to improve your status

Do not listen to gossip, people who come to your house to bring you gossip, don't pay attention to it, because if they really appreciated her they wouldn't visit her to create more problems for her.

Be careful, don't believe everything they tell you, not everyone who approaches you does so with good intentions.

Remember that crying miseries slows you down, fight to improve your status, because with work and dedication you will move forward. When you are positive you can achieve everything you set out to do.

3. Ifá will never give you tests that are impossible to overcome, but there will be obstacles.

Through the mediation of Eggun (spirits) you must wear a colored hat when sleeping, to avoid using this garment that disturbances prevent you from falling asleep.

Ifá says that the path of life will be long and the difficulties that arise will depend on your person. They will become defeated battles or defeats, They will never give you tests that are impossible to overcome, but they will present obstacles that you will dissolve with audacity and intelligence. 

Ifá says that the woman governed under this Ifá will be sought after by older men

When you want to overcome adversity Make ebbo at the foot of Elegguá so that this Orisha opens the paths for you and you can achieve your purposes.

4. Ifá says that he earns a living so that he does not suffer deprivation

In Okana Obara the art of commerce is born, in this sign ebbó is made in the square to prosper.

  • The religious must cook a stew of red beans, serve it in a clay dish and leave it in front of the door of a prosperous business so that good fortune may accompany him.

You were born to be a trader and have evolution on the plane of the earth, do not wait for abundance to knock on your door, learn to earn a living so that you do not suffer deficiencies.

5. Disobedience is punished, especially towards Obatala

In this odun, disobedience is severely punished, especially failures to respond to the warnings of Obatalá, a saint who, when displeased with the religious, turns his back on him and can only save the person Orumila.

You must respect gray hair, the brand with which Obatalá manifests himself on earth, cannot under any circumstances disrespect the elderly, nor go through life lost in alcohol, gambling and other vices.

Obatalá wishes in Okana Obara that the person be prosperous and that Spend your life in the name of good.

6. Ifá says that you must receive Elegguá so that your path opens

In Okana Obara Elegguá and Ozain betrayed Shangó, a Pataki who warns him not to do business between three people, not to give his trust lightly and to reflect carefully before making decisions.

The religious must receive Elegguá so that things are made right in his life, Elegguá is the smallest Orisha of the Yoruba pantheon, he is the owner of all the paths and will be in charge of bringing him health, joy and development.

7. Avoid falling into illegalities and debts

The sacred bird in this sign is the tocororo, a bird that, when locked up, dies of sadness. You cannot feel like a prisoner because you will not be happy. do not live as a victim of toxic relationships nor from situations that make him suffer.

Ifá says that despite the difficulties you are going through, you must have a dignified life and avoid falling into illegalities. Avoid contracting debts that you will not be able to pay, so that he is not involved in accusations.

8. Raising your hand to others will bring you osogbos

Don't raise your hand to anyone so they don't suffer osogbos. Before taking a trip, make ebbó so that you can arrive safely at your destination and return home in the same conditions.

Throughout your life, receive Oshosi the great hunter to hunt you for health, tranquility and enemies.

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