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Osa Sign: Prohibitions and Advice of the Orishas Know them!

Bear sign

In this odun, the santero is required to have a special respect for Yemaya y Shango, trying not to incur complaints with their descendants.

The realization of works of black magic is strictly prohibited because these treaties are outside the scope of the spiritual picture of the person.

Tips that are set out in the Odun Osa:

Respect for the elderly in Osa

Acquire Wisdom and Show Respect for Elders

It is recommended to the religious to be respectful with their elders and try to acquire religious knowledge from them because these teachings will be on the day of mañana, the ones that will save him from adversity and unforeseen events.

Care in dressing

When the devotee takes this sign, he should never again wear dark colors or use the checkered pattern in his clothes, instead he should wear light-toned garments.

The person is warned not to leave their intimate garments misplaced because in this odun these are the key pieces that the enemies use to perform sorcery on the person.

Avoid attending the cemetery

Under this sign, funeral duels or funerals are not attended, as the person is very spiritual and can be dejected before the own disturbances that these events entail in a natural way, at the same time that he can pick up sorceries at the door of the cemetery.

Be careful on the street

Be careful in the bear sign

The Osha advises to maintain special caution when driving motorized vehicles on public roads as this odun marks traffic accidents.

The santero is advised not to drink alcoholic beverages while driving. In the same way, it establishes the importance of not crossing the streets distracted to avoid fatalities.

Better alone than badly accompaniedañado

Debts are not acquired or commercial partnerships are established, since these almost always end in lawsuits, it is recommended to undertake business alone, although the success in them takes longer to see its fruits.

Be careful with certain objects

Avoid certain objects in the Osa sign

It is taboo in Osa to keep objects belonging to the deceased since it is believed that these spirits return from beyond in search of their belongings in order to claim them.

No belongings of others are kept or sealed packages whose content is unknown because these actions can cause severe problems for the religious, which could even cause legal damages.

It is forbidden to keep broken objects, especially mirrors, in the same way that it is considered improper to look for one's own reflection in said objects, since these actions delay the life of the santero.

Prevent problems with the law

The Osha indicates to carry out legal negotiations through signed contracts, so that the day of mañana the individual involved can legally demand their rights without being involved in legal conflicts.

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