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Advice in the Odun Oshé: «The Sign where the snail is NOT touched»

Oshé sign

Oshé is an odun which speaks of abandonment, in this the possibility of the santero abandoning his Orishas is contemplated, a fact of high severity and consequences, under this letter the person can be the victim of multiple love and family abandonments.

When the santero takes out this odun in Eleggua you should not manipulate the snail, out of respect for religion.

If this letter is possessed under the word of the guardian angel or crowned Orisha, the person must refrain from working only the spiritual field, since it was born within the Rule of Santeria only to develop this aspect.

Warnings and taboos in the Oshé sign that must be respected:

Respect in Sign Oshé

Respect for necklaces and religion

It is taboo in this sign to sleep with necklaces on because it is believed that the religious may run the risk of getting hurt. The initiate is advised to promote the virtue of discretion, especially that related to religious ceremonies and events.

It is considered a serious fault to be naked before the Orishas. The santero who draws this letter must respect the river, a place that he can only go to for holy purposes in order to complete ceremonies.

Take into account dealing with certain fruits

In Oshé, it is taboo to split coconuts and cut pumpkins because it is considered that with these events the santero is weakened and may lose luck.

In the same way, the previously mentioned pumpkin is not given away, making it clear in advance that the santero cannot consume said vegetable because it is considered a direct and sacred offering for the African deities.

Take care of your clothes

Yellow and red outfits are avoided by the individual who is governed by Oshé, in turn he must dispense with wrinkled or dirty clothes, as they can dull his image and offer an inappropriate perception of his person.

Avoid debt and take care of the economy

Avoid debts in the Oshé Sign

Osha recommends not getting involved in debts or gambling, since the individual may suffer the misfortune of not being able to solve them in time, which could cause damage and embarrassment.

It is recommended not to squander the profits obtained, in order to have a monetary reserve to solve the times of scarcity.

Maintain belly-related care

This odun warns about the evils that a woman can suffer when having an abortion, so it is recommended to maintain protected sexual relations, in order to avoid an unwanted pregnancy and the acquisition of sexually transmitted diseases.

Avoid drinks and crowds

Avoid drinks at Signo Oshé

Dogs are not bred under this sign, nor is the consumption of alcoholic beverages abused. Oshé recommends to the santero not to sit at the table that is full of people, in the same way he suggests not to be part of crowds.

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