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Oyekun Osa ritual and warning: Beware of the candle and electricity

Oyekun Osa sign

Ifá warns you in the Oyekun Osa Sign be careful with the candle, thunder and electricity, because you could be seriously injured or your house burned down and left homeless.

Therefore, you should not leave the stove on or any candles and it is necessary that if the electrical outlets areañatwo you change them, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Obatalá, Orisha owner of all heads will cover his ilé with his mantle

For good fortune and peace to come to your home (ile):

  • This should be painted white.

Thus Obatalá, the oldest Orisha and owner of all heads, will cover his ilé with his mantle blessing his family.

Respect the elderly and the helpless and never try to abuse them so that Olofin's curse does not reach your door.

En Oyekun Osa a familiar spirit that suffered illnesses must be taken care of

In the Oyekun Osa sign, a family spirit suffered from circulatory and bone diseases yesterday, stating that as a result of his illness he required crutches and expresses a lack of attention.

This eggun (spirit) it is a bulwark in your life and it is necessary that an assistance be placed on it and a mass be performed.

For the person to have prosperity and health, they must pray to heaven

When you walk down the street and see a hearse or a funeral, turn your face and continue on your way so you don't carry the osogbos that are prowling around this type of painful situation.

Ritual to attract evolution:

In this odun it is necessary for the person to have prosperity and health:

  • You must pray to heaven with two dried coconuts painted with cascarilla and indigo,
  • then put them on the roof of the house or on a high surface in the yard.

Orumila warns him to be respectful with the Osha

In this Ifá the okra is respected and eating it is avoided.

Orumila advises you in this Oyekun Osa sign:

  • Be respectful of Osha because only through it will you find your salvation.
  • Keep the promises you have made to the Orishas and always tell them the truth so that they can help you.

You cannot have relationships with married or engaged people

Avoid having relationships with married or engaged people in this odun, because this person will never leave home to start a family with you.

Respect the word of the Orishas and internalize their advice so that you can come out unscathed from the arayés (problems) that persecute you.

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