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Offering for Shangó and warnings of the Oyekun Tura sign

Oyekun Tura Sign

In the Oyekun Tura Sign:

  • You must learn to listen to the advice offered by your elders, because they will not wish you harm.
  • The experience of life is given by the years and not by intelligence, be patient and you will go far on the earth plane.
  • Respect alcoholic beverages, because if you are intoxicated, you could suffer a public embarrassment and lose your prestige.

Three pieces of advice for the religious and a work dedicated to Shangó:

1. Do not deny food or water to anyone who comes to your home

Oyekun Tura talks about the breakdown of the marriage because one of the spouses has a very difficult character, moderate your temper so that you don't lose the people you care about.

When someone arrives at your home, never deny him food or water so that prosperity always accompanies him and through this charitable gesture you will be making ebo without knowing it.

Respect all the beggars you meet on the street because they will be the embodiment of Blessed Saint Lazarus on earth.

2. Offer Shangó a succulent addimú and ask for his blessing

Ifá says that: There are two people in dispute to be his godfather.

Offer to the orisha Shangó a succulent addimú (offering) and ask for his blessing every day when you get up so that the Orisha of the candle:

  • Make your wars yours and
  • help you overcome difficulties.

You cannot miss a representation of Holy Barbara Blessed, read the prayer of this saint every day 4 so that she evolves spiritually.

3. In this Ifá life is lost as a result of disobedience

In this letter the person is a victim of usurpations, because someone else wants to take the place that you have, take care of your position in all aspects of life so that no one can supplant you.

In the Oyekun Tura sign, life is lost as a result of disobedience, respect the advice of the Orishas so that the osogbo of your sign does not live.

Work at the foot of Shangó in Oyekun Tura to achieve development

To achieve prosperity, Shangó is given:

  1. A hand of bananas tied with a red strip to which six knots are tied,
  2. this is smeared with corojo butter,
  3. sprinkled with smoked fish, corn and jutia,
  4. finally, it is removed before it becomes corrupted and it is taken to a ceiba tree.

We share more tips and rituals of the Oyekun Tura Sign:

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