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La Siguaraya, the tree of the Orishas that cannot be knocked down

Siguaraya santeria

Now  siguaraya the great Benny Moré sang to him: “In my Cuba a bush is born
that without permission you cannot lie down

And the siguaraya It is one of the sacred trees of the Afro-Cuban religions, not only of the Yoruba, but of other religious expressions that have a place throughout our Island such as the Rule of Palo Monte or the Abakuá.

It is a beautiful tree of the Cuban places, famous for its wood and its flowering beauty. It is said that from the nectar of their flowers the bees produce an intense honey unequaled in the whole world.

Now  siguaray o trichilia havanensis It is known by various other names such as atori, break the way, cover the way and open the way, all hinting at his victorious power to face difficulties.

It grows wild and strong in the fields of the Island, and can reach up to 10 meters in height.

Medicinal and spiritual uses of the Siguaraya

La siguaraya It has important medicinal uses, as it is used for arthritic conditions, the urinary system and even as a purgative in the treatment of venereal diseases.

It is a source of religious attributes for the Afro-Cuban culture in general and hides a great spiritual meaning, this plant is capable of destroying obstacles, darkness, destroying evil and eliminating enemies.

As we mentioned before, it is so powerful that in Afro-Cuban nuns it is the possessor of miraculous secrets and is known as:

  • It "breaks the way" because it destroys the adversary;
  • "Cover the road", prevents enemies from interfering in our life and
  • It "opens the way" because it eliminates the bad and allows the good to enter.

La Siguaraya in Santeria, honor to the 7 powers

In the Rule of Osha (Santeria) the siguaraya It is also a sacred plant, it contains the energy and power of the seven main Orishas of the Yoruba religion, the «Seven African Powers«:

  • Yemayá the goddess of the seas,
  • Choose the owner of the roads,
  • Ochún the queen of fresh waters,
  • Obatala the father of all,
  • Orula the wise, counselor and soothsayer,
  • Oggún the owner of the mountain and the iron and
  • Shango the King of the drum and the thunderbolt.

Its powers are capable of providing new opportunities to those who require the help of the seven African powers.

La siguaraya, is also known as Seven rays, in reference to Chango, God of lightning and thunder, to whom this tree also belongs, who makes it his home and watches over his children from its top.

This plant is highly respected by all the santeros and hosts rituals and ceremonies dedicated to Shango and the 7 powers of the Yoruba pantheon, it is venerated, respected and everyone knows that it is a sacred element for the worship of the Orishas.

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