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2 Representative symbols of Holy Week and their meaning

holy week symbols

the date of the eastern varies each year, this 2022 covers the dates from April 10 to 17, but always begins on Palm Sunday.

La eastern It is the week before Easter, and in itself there are several religious celebrations that take place the last week of Lent, and Easter is Resurrection Sunday.

*The egg, the hope of a new life

Through the egg refers to the resurrection of Jesus Christ and means fertility and life.

It is said that it arises as a result of the prohibition that the Catholic Church ordered its faithful not to eat meat and eggs during Lent.

Once that abstinence was over, eggs were given to celebrate, synonymous with the rebirth of Christ.

Since ancient times the egg has symbolized germination, regeneration and fertility in existence.

* The rabbit, a fertile symbol in life

The rabbit not only has a symbol of flourishing in the Catholic religion, but in many religions.

This animal is associated with well-being, tranquility, wealth and well-being, and with the arrival of spring its power grows, being suitable for numerous reproductions each year.

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