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Orishaoko and her syncretism with San Isidro Labrador Deities of the earth!

Orishaoko Syncretism

Orisha Oko represents the earth in the Yoruba Pantheon and in life agricultural work and crops.

It is the Orisha that all those who work the land pray to, as it is directly related to agriculture and the countryside. He is considered the protector of tillage and plows.

Characteristics of the Orisha of the land and crops in the Rule of Osha Ifá

It is Orisha Oko in the Yoruba religion who provides food to the world, because it is the earth itself.

In addition, he is considered the arbiter of disputes fundamentally between women and even between the Orishas themselves, since it is said that he is the most impartial of the deities.

He is a hard worker who helps those who work hard in the fields, so that their crops are prosperous.

His messengers are bees and he represents prosperity and fertility, that is why sterile women turn to him.

This deity forms an important trilogy with Oke and Oggué and together they watch over good harvests, the rains that ensure production, the internal fire capable of splitting the earth and animals.

Its name comes from the Yorùbá Òrìsá Okò (Orisha del Labrado) and in Catholic syncretism, he is compared to San Isidro Labrador, patron saint of the city of Madrid and dedicated to the land, crops and the weak and disadvantaged.

Orishaoko syncretism with San isidro labrador in Santeria

History of Santo San Isidro
Saint: San San Isidro Labrador

In Santeria or the Rule of Osha both deities, the Yoruba and the Catholic, are syncretized. And it is that, in the time of slavery, when the slaves migrated by force, they took their religion, cults and traditions with them.

Those slaves who bequeathed their religiosity and history to us until today, in an attempt to save their gods and not be forgotten, were gradually comparing them with saints of the church who belonged to their masters and with whom their Orishas shared similarities. and African gods.

Finally, as part of the transculturation, the deities of both cults were merged, and currently they are venerated under the same faith.

The comparison between Orishaoko and San Isidro Labrador arises from the characteristics and similarities that they share as deities of the earth, protectors of crops and providers of food.

Who was San Isidro Labrador?

The saint San Isidro was born at the end of the XNUMXth century in Madrid, into a very humble family, so he had to dedicate himself to working the fields for landowners.

The Catholic recognizes San Isidro "Labrador" as a very pious man, who always prayed before starting his tasks.

He is considered the Saint and patron of the Agricultural Engineers and also of the Agricultural Technical Engineers.

Miraculous San Isidro, the pious patron saint of farmers

Legend has it that San Isidro was accused of being lazy for dedicating himself to praying in the fields and that is why his employer went into hiding to watch over the work of the farmer.

Hidden in some bushes, he observed how, while Isidro prayed, the angels led the oxen to plow themselves and the crops were more and more prosperous.

Likewise, on one occasion, when there was a great drought, Isidro struck some rocks with a stick and a generous stream gushed out of them.

It is said that the water from this miraculous spring is preserved in its hermitage. Today, devotees flock to drink from it, to enjoy the blessings of the saint.

Also due to this relationship with water, San Isidro is asked to end the droughts. In Madrid, his image is even taken out in a procession to make it rain when the drought is extreme.

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