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Religious syncretism in Cuba: We are mixture and Cuban

Syncretism in Cuba

Many are those who say that, without syncretism, the true identity in Cuba cannot be appreciated. The whole of Cuba is full of Afro-Cuban culture and spirituality.

El syncretism It came with the same conquest and colonization, hundreds of years ago, it was brought by slaves who had their lives taken from them in their native Africa and with it, their culture and religion.

The African tradition came to stay in Cuba because the slaves, deprived of their gods, decided to continue worshiping them in America and thus syncretized them with the Catholic deities.

The religious rituals to honor different saints, the result of this mixture of different religions and cultures, is known as the Cuban syncretism.

Cuban syncretism: a mixture, a union of cultures

African culture and religion is directly linked to the Creole Christian religion, something that has deeply marked the roots of the Cuban people and has become a popular expression.

El Cuban religious syncretism It is recognized by society and customs, practiced by millions of habitabefore the Island.

Culture has been shaped by giving part to the traditions of each African country and region.

In Cuban streets, it is natural to hear the term "Ashé" more than once, a popular and religious expression for blessings that symbolizes well-being and health.

It is common to see people dressed entirely in white and others wearing bracelets and necklaces representative of the deities of the Afro-Cuban religion.

Cuban religious syncretism

The so-called Santeria of Cuba, is the pure expression of the syncretism in Cuba, because in their ceremonies African, Catholic and even spiritualist elements are mixed.

It is very normal for followers of the Yoruba religion to pay homage to their Orisha in the image of a Catholic saint and thus show their loyalty and devotion to him on the same day.

So it is with obbatala, who is worshiped next to Our Lady of the Mercedes, with Monkey, Yoruba god of thunder, who is associated with Santa Barbara.

Also, another of the great deities of the Yoruba pantheon, Yemaya, Which is the Virgin of Regla in Catholicism.

Let's not forget the great cult of Saint Lazarus o Babalu Aye, full expression of religious syncretism present in Cuba. In the same Church, believers worship two deities who are characterized by relieving the sick and pitying the suffering.

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