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Syncretism: San Cosme and San Damián are the Jimaguas Ibeyis

Saints Cosme and Damien

Cosme and Damien They are venerated saints in the Catholic religion, they are considered divine advocates because they intercede for the people who groan in prisons and hospitals, who are mired in cross fires and who are in danger of drowning, as these survivors in life of these hardships.

The Jimaguas are syncretized with the brothers Cosme and Damián

Saints Cosme and Damien, twins from a distinguished family who qualified as doctors, a Christian profession that made them worthy of heaven, being charitable and merciful to those in need.

His saints are celebrated every year on the day September 26. They are syncretized in the Yoruba religion with the Jimaguas Ibeyis.

Prayer to Saint Cosme and Saint Damien

Brothers Cosme and DamienTwins from a family distinguished by the Christian profession that made you so valuable in heaven, intercede with Jesus so that my desire may be satisfied and that I may reach divine grace in all its long extension.

I humbly ask you with the greatest devotion since in your passage through earth you returned the health and strength of what was needed, enlighten my soul so that it can achieve the fervor that I ask of you.

Your miraculous influence, beacon of light that guides the lost in the sea of ​​life, I have the assurance that it will strengthen my soul, so that I can live with the hope of heaven.

Oh Cosme and Damien! remove from my side all influences, both moral and material that threaten me and welcome me with the same pity with which you welcomed your enemies.

Even beyond death my spirit will be grateful, blessed by your power, with God our Lord! Amen.

Who are the Ibeyis?

The Jimaguas also called Los Ibeyis They are Orishas of great intelligence, they are represented in the Osha as two witty, mischievous and very mischievous twin brothers.

Their name means the action of fighting, moving and turning, verbs that they use perfectly, since these two little ones born of Yemaya y Shango accompañatwo for Ildeu who is the third brother, they fight for justice and turn destiny so that it favors people who have done well and deserve it.

The Ibeyis: Orishas who defeated the Devil

These Orishas with their magic drums and their endless dance defeated the Devil, by secretly alternating at the time of the dance, an action with which they earned the respect of all the Orishas.

Offerings for the Ibeyis Jimaguas

The Ibeyis They welcome the offerings that the religious provide, they feel identified with children's articles because they represent two children, they like piñatas, candies, sweets, cake, whistles and toys in general.

He is offered fruits, candles, flowers, animals in sacrifice, although yellow rice with chicken is one of his favorite offerings.

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