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Ika Irete: pride attracts doom The fish is punished for living in the water!

Pride Ika Irete

The Snapper was the most important of the fish, he possessed the faculty that none of his peers enjoyed, which was sustained by the continuous blessing he received from Shango y Yemaya, deities that sometimes allowed him to live for short periods of time out of the water.

Pataki where the snapper received the protection of Yemayá and Shango

For this reason the other fish respected it, a reality that the snapper came to overvalue, believing itself superior to all and invincible.

Due to their multiple acts of modesty, Yemayá and Shangó distanced themselves from him and although the snapper continued to enjoy a great iré, the deities decided to remain aloof from the events that might befall him.

On a certain occasion, a man with wisdom decided to meet the snapper, in order to see if everything that was said about him was true, so he set out in his search.

When he reached the town it was not difficult for him to find the snapper, as his fame preceded him.

The snapper denied the word of Ifá and received a punishment for life

The religious proposed to the fish to measure his knowledge about Ifá, challenging him to preach the word of religion.

The sage had cunningly realized himself before leaving to meet the fish, so he behaved loquacious and up to the task, while his opponent could not say the same, many inconsistencies and misconceptions coming out of his mouth.

The Oluo explained to the people that because of the odun that had come up in debate, everyone should have a ceremony, in order to attract prosperity and health to their lives.

Suggestion that the snapper refuted denying its veracity, an event that left the man very upset. Who went to the foot of Shango to give him the complaints of what happened.

Shango sentenced the fish to die outside the waters of Yemayá

The Orisha of the fire was very disgusted by the attitude of the snapper so he went in his search pouncing on him to teach him a lesson.

The frightened fish jumped into the sea and with it all his children left. When Yemayá saw the state of the snapper, he felt sorry for him and protected him.

Then Shango sentenced him saying:

I will respect you while you are in the house of Yemayá, but remember that from today when you go out to earth it will be to be eaten by man.

Then he distributed jamos, hooks and other fishing utensils on the land in order to guarantee the fulfillment of his word.

Since then the fish has lived in the water, because when leaving its temple it is sentenced to die.

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