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Secret Sect Abakuá: Representation of African roots in Cuba

Secret society Abakuá

The Secret Society Abakuá also recognized as ñañigismo It includes among its precepts a strict code of behavior and self-defense.

Its roots are linked to other religions born in Africa because it is the cradle of multiple civilizations, linking each other through the veneration of ancestral deities and spirits, points where these religions converge.

Background of this religious branch

The origins of this religious aspect go back to the secret societies that habitaBanned in Nigeria in the Calabar region, the carabalís were the first sworn men under this secret sect, with Ireme or little devil being their representative figure.

That years later he arrived in Cuba as a result of the process of conquest and colonization.

Due to the confluence of such diverse cultures and as a consequence of the process of miscegenation, the native Creole character and heir of ancient traditions arises, hence the popular phrase:

"Whoever does not have from Congo has from Carabalí."

Origin of the Secret Society Abakuá in Cuba

The sect of the Abakuás It was promoted on our island at the end of the XNUMXth century in the province of Havana.

It initially welcomed black and mestizo men, accepting white-skinned men among its members on an exceptional basis.

The first Abakuas Cubans were the descendants of African slaves residing on the island and their family. Its members were simple men and workers adapted to hard tasks.

There are around 123 plants or game in Cuba, the name by which the organization is identified by ñáñigos territories, initially they sighted their origins in the municipality of Regla and later they were spreading throughout the national territory. Guanabacoa, Marianao, San Miguel del Padrón and Arroyo Naranjo are municipalities in the capital where various Abakuás plants converge.

The Golden Rule of the Sect

The sect does not admit that women or homosexuals are initiated into their practices, although they have the male biological sex, it only receives men.

Regardless of the origin of the plant, the precept of being a worthy man, a good son, a good brother, a good father and a good friend should be highlighted. Each game has its own stamp that is its representation.

Respect is an important premise in this sect, love of family and the prohibition of adultery. Good conduct in society was a standard of rigor to be able to start in their practices.

The Abakuás They are governed by a hierarchy which is inviolable begins with the Indisme name that the aspirant to enter receives, while the man already initiated into religion is called Obonekué. 

Myths about the Abakuás

The Abakuá society It has been involved in numerous myths that place its members as tough and brave types before the popular eye, a precept that sectors of marginal society have taken advantage of, those who have used religion as a pretext to commit acts of dishonor, which overshadow the prestige that the ñañigismo in yesteryear.

Bibliographic sources report that the man who had been in prison was not accepted in the sect, exceptionally those who had gone to jail for reasons of honor were admitted, because this sect had been erected in its beginnings as a cult of the good values ​​of being human.

The Secret of this religion It makes it impossible to fully understand all their characteristics and what it means to be an Abakuá, but it should be noted that belonging to this brotherhood is of relevant importance since these men are considered the Freemasons of Africa.

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