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Meaning of dreaming about Yemayá and the Sea How can we interpret it?

Dreaming of Yemayá

Many times we dream of the sea, because it is usually a powerful and very spiritual element in people's lives.

That is why most of us relate the beach, the sea and its waters as synonymous with relaxation, freedom and happiness.

However, we must know that not all dreams with the sea contain the same meaning, this changes according to our perception or feeling for those waters, and its symbolism depends on the way we see it represented in dreams.

The Spiritual Meaning of dreaming about the Sea and its waters:

These types of interpretations are general, they can guide us spiritually, but they are not an exact science that indicates a path to take, we must always be guided by our intuition.

And although dreaming of the sea has a particular meaning without relating it to religion, meanings merge in Santeria, since the salty waters of the immense ocean belong to the deity Yemayá, a Yoruba orisha of great power who dances on the waves of the sea.

These interpretations can also help us understand our dreams a bit, even if the African goddess appears in them.

Various meanings of dreams with the Sea:

Always remember that they may vary depending on the way the person perceives their dream.

Depending on how the sea manifests:

  • Al dream of a calm and blue sea: This dream announces luck and upcoming success in our life plans
  • Dreaming of a rough sea, swell, stormy and with murky waters: It implies setbacks, family quarrels, an upcoming illness.

According to the tone of the water:

  • Dreaming of the dirty sea: In this instance, the current situations that we go through in our life must be analyzed, it may be warning us of some danger. We must look around us for enemy, envious or toxic people who stand in the way.
  • Dreaming of crystal clear sea water: This clear water portends tranquility, the reflection of our inner peace, it tells us that we are on the right track, that we are connected with our being. That which we desire is yet to come.

According to our actions in the dream:

  • Dreaming that we fall into the sea: This dream prophesies failure and bad luck.
  • We dream that we drown: It is a dream that indicates care, because dangers and misfortunes come to our lives.
  • Dreaming that we swim in rough waters: Indicates economic problems, obstacles and hard times in business will arise.
  • If we see ourselves swimming without difficulty: This dream instead, prophesies that we will meet our expectations and professional success is approaching our lives.
  • Move or move by the sea: This dream indicates a period of happiness, euphoria, and fulfillment.
  • Contemplate the waters from a high place: Announce that everything will get better as time goes by.
  • Dreaming that we hear the sound of the sea: This dream indicates that we are not destined to find happiness in the love that we have in the moment.
  • Dream of contemplating the sea: It predicts that we will anticipate events, but our objectives will not be met, although it also implies material well-being and prosperity.
  • Dreaming that we get lost in the sea: it means that we have lost our way and we are adrift in life, without direction or objective. You feel overwhelmed by your emotions.

If a woman dreams of foam of the sea swell it means that she will be tempted by love affairs.

As we see, there are different meanings when interpreting our dream in relation to the sea.

So, if we want to know exactly what it announces to us, we must pay attention to whether the sea we witness is calm, rough, whether we are swimming in it or just observing it, etc.

Each of these aspects is of vital importance to find the specific meaning of what we are dreaming of.

  • An adviceAs soon as you wake up, take note of everything you remember so that the dream does not become fuzzy later.

Dreams with the Queen of the Seas: The blessing of dreaming about Yemayá

Virgin of Regla

The dreams with Yemayá They are closely linked to dreams with the sea, since the deity represents the force of the seas and waves.

Dreams can also be related to the Virgin of Regla, saint of the seas that is syncretized in Cuban Santeria with the orisha of the Yoruba pantheon.

Even for people who do not know the goddess or who are not devoted to African religious expressions, these dreams are episodes that leave a deep impression on a sentimental level.

Of course, dreams have very different interpretations, depending on what Yemayá intends to announce, advise or tell us.

  • It is very important analyze the complete dream, because many times different situations are manifested, for example, with different people, places, different feelings are experienced.

How can you recognize the goddess Yemayá in a dream?

Prayers to the Virgin of Regla Yemayá
Representation of Yemayá

Recognize Yemayá, the Queen of the Sea, Powerful Orisha of wisdom, protector of pregnant women and women in labor and mother of all her devotees, is related to knowing her peculiarities, attributes and powers in the Rule of Osha (santeria).

Its representation can be that of a saint or a goddess, with its blue clothes, with attributes of the sea, surrounded by fish, marine elements, it can dance, see it in the distance or that it comes slowly to you, it can manifest itself in many other ways.

We must say that we do not always dream of Yemayá seeing the goddess in the sea, but in the case of seeing her in this way, it usually indicates a very good omen full of love and hope.

These types of dreams are the premonition that excellent news is approaching on topics such as health, fertility and personal and professional growth.

In fact, when he is seen in a dream, this is usually a symbol that his protection or blessing is being sought.

This can happen when:

  • Women, for example, pray to him in search of a child and ask him to intercede so that they can conceive.
  • Someone asks you to restore your health.

Other more complex meanings associated with dreams in which we see Yemayá:

The orisha Yemayá

RememberThese are general interpretations, each dream has many meanings and depends on many elements and the situations that you are currently going through in your life.

The important thing is that we can decipher some of the messages that come to us through them.

Dream of many Yemayá

When we see more than one image of Yemayá, it usually indicates that there is a danger very close to the one who dreams and the deities seek to protect it in many ways.

Dreaming that Yemayá is moving away

Dreaming that the goddess is moving away indicates that you have to be careful with the feelings of those around you, or that you disapprove of a decision you have made recently.


  • Although it is complex to interpret, this type of dream can occur in those people who reject the possibilities of raising a child, an important event in the life of any human being.

When the deity walks away, it is simply showing that we must put aside the thoughts of rejection and value all the positive that a baby will bring into our life.

Dreaming of Yemayá and Oshún

It is beautiful to dream of Yemayá and Oshún, the Goddess of Love, Honey and RiversOf course it is related to the love and feelings that these two goddesses, queens of the two waters, emanate.

In general, depending on how they are presented, their meaning is close to the blessings that can come from the hand of both African queens.

  • It can herald hope, love, fertility, and great luck.

This particular dream also represents the dreamer's desperation for new love and the longing for companionship and affection.

However, the deities warn of the possibility that, due to impatience, they can easily hurt the dreamer and break his heart.

Dream that Yemayá speaks

To dream that the Orisha Yemayá speaks is a positive dream and long awaited by many devotees.  

These types of dreams usually portend upcoming benefits of great importance.

  • It is important listen, remember and try to decipher the words that were said to you in the dream being honest with yourself, because only you will be able to know what you are trying to say.

The goddess can announce that we will benefit financially, that debts will stop being a problem, that sentimental problems will be solved and in general that the difficulties and concerns of our life will go away.

Dreaming that Yemayá touches us

This type of dreams where the energy of Yemayá touches us is associated precisely with the elements and forces that the deity symbolizes, such as:

  • Love,
  • the goodness,
  • abundance and
  • fertility.

It can therefore indicate an early pregnancy for a woman. She indicates that it is essential to prepare for this new stage in which a member of the family will arrive.

This dream brings with it good omens around that new life that will be on the way, so that happiness will be greater than worry.

  • For a man, this dream is a symbol of good omens and positive elements that will smile at you very soon.

Learn more about the beautiful queen Yemayá and her offerings:

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