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How to make a homemade orange and rosemary spray to ward off bad vibes?

Orange and rosemary spray

Rosemary is one of the plants that are most used to clean the home if we feel the presence of bad energies.

Its ancestral uses linked to purifying magic make it a common element for energetic cleaning in homes and workplaces.

The aroma of rosemary is a powerful purifier that eliminates that negative energy and bad vibes stagnant in the corners of our home, generating a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

Clean and protect our home of bad with orange and rosemary:

Orange Rosemary Household Spray

If we join the rosemary to the orange, we will be enhancing the cleansing and purifying properties, to clear negative energies.

  • Let us know that citrus fruits such as lemon, limes and oranges are also excellent for cleaning and disinfecting the home. Which helps us a lot for our health, and also to strengthen our spiritual tranquility.

Also the mixture of citrus aroma of orange with the powerful essence of rosemary, will provide greater protection to our home attracting good fortune for all its habitabefore.

To unite these aromas, it is best to make a homemade orange and rosemary spray with which we will clean and purify every corner of our home, as it is an easy-to-use device.

To do it we only need:

  • Water, preferably distilled water
  • salt, a very important purifying element
  • white vinegar as a cleaning element
  • freshly cut rosemary sprigs for protection
  • orange oil and the peel of 2 oranges
  • 1 glass jar
  • 1 spray bottle


  1. First we put the orange peel in the glass jar and add a teaspoon of salt to it.
  2. Let this mixture rest for about 30 minutes and after that time, añawe gave the vinegar and the sprigs of rosemary.
  3. We mix the ingredients until their powerful aromas permeate.
  4. A few minutes later we add the orange oil and close the bottle.
  5. We must let it rest for 21 days and each day, we turn the container several times to get the fragrances to mix.

Finally, we strain the mixture and pour the liquid into the spray bottle. And the rosemary and orange spray is ready.

How can we use it to rid our spaces of dark energies?

  • In cleaning the home or business. Once the house is clean, especially the floor we can atomize the spaces, let's not forget the corners.
  • If we feel that someone with bad energy enters our house or business, we can spread it after that person leaves.
  • Certain places in the house are more energetically dense, if we have spaces with antiques, amulets, stones, accumulated objects, ohabitations where sick people rest, it would be opportune to use it.

A simple cleansing ritual:

One day a week open the windows and doors and with the spray you will spread the liquid around every corner, you will see how it helps to clean the environment, improve odors and attract good vibes.

It is important to do it in bedrooms, as it is our place of rest and greater tranquility.

Dampen a cloth with the liquid, and go cleaning the objects and surfaces, in addition to purifying and cleaning energetically, you will remove impurities, improving the whole environment.

Other powerful cleanses that will be opportune to ward off bad energy:

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