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Do you know these Cuban Superstitions? More than a hundred years of traditions

Superstitions in Cuba

Superstitions are defined as the set of beliefs that attribute a magical explanation to the generation of certain phenomena and processes, which is estimated to have a negative impact on the life of those who break the rules under which they are manifested.

Sleeping with your stockings on steals our luck!

In Cuba, there is a belief that sleeping with stockings brings bad luck, as this event is associated with the culture of burying the deceased with socks once they have begun their eternal sleep in the arms of death.

Have you ever slowed down a moving chair?

It is common to see anyone in a house get up quickly from their seat to curb the inertia that remains after leaving an armchair in which someone was rocking.

This old superstition affirms that stopping the armchair in motion when nobody is occupying it guarantees that the spirits do not feel in it and in this way they do not disturb the home with their presence.

Dirty dishes are not left for later!

Leaving the dirty dishes is one of the phenomena that should be avoided according to the old beliefs, since in this way the souls that roam the earth approach the kitchen of the house to receive food through the leftovers present on the dishes.

A broken mirror brings us 7 years of bad luck

One of the oldest superstitions that the island has is related to the breaking of a mirror.

Event that brings as a consequence seven years of bad luck for those who bankrupt it, in the same way, no broken ornaments or clothes in bad condition are kept in the house because this acts as a magnet that attracts misfortune.

The left foot: synonymous with misfortune

How many times have you not heard the phrase on the street: I got up on my left foot today!

This refers to the need to put your feet on the floor to get out of bed and start the day.

Superstitious people believe that getting up on the left foot will cause problems for the rest of the day while doing it on the right foot ensures a hassle-free day.

Other beliefs that Cubans avoid:

In the Cuban countryside, the tradition arose that the first-born of a family should be the first to marry, since if the younger brother were to marry first, his brother would run the risk of staying to dress saints.

In the same way, it is affirmed that eating standing up or leaving food on the table to carry out another activity brings delay for the person, in the same way that it is strictly forbidden to cross gaps since it is believed that this action attracts death early.

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