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Cuban superstitions related to Good Fortune Did you know them?

Positive superstitions

Like everything in life, some rules have exceptions and not all known Cuban superstitions are associated with unfortunate events.

Sample of this is the belief that seeing jimaguas children in the daily wandering down the street gives good luck, some say that wearing red or wearing a bracelet of this tone is an effective talisman against the evil eye.

Superstitions and marriage

To bless a marriage union, rice is thrown at the bride and groom when they leave the church or the wedding palace.

Related to nuptials, other traditions are woven on the Caribbean island in which the bride must wear on the wedding day:

  • Something new,
  • something used,
  • something blue and
  • something Borrowed.

Well, these elements will bring luck to the newlyweds.

What to do when an object is lost in the house?

When an object is lost in the house, the grandparents advise tying Saint Dimas, to whom it is noted that he will remain tied until he helps to make the lost appear and only in this way will the saint free himself from the tie.

How to cure hiccups according to grandparents?

It is believed that when the little ones have hiccups and a piece of thread is placed on their forehead, the discomfort goes away faster.

Another unusual fact It is related to body moles, as the elders of the family affirm that children born with many nevi enjoy good fortune in life.

In the same way that those who are born on certain dates do.

The act of asking parents for blessing

The superstition of asking the blessing of the elderly before leaving the house guarantees success in the company that is to be developed.

Many people confirm the belief that taking serene water calms nervousness and brings calm in desperate and distressing moments.

Music drives away bad luck

Cuban traditions collect the popular phrase:

He who sings his evils scares.

Referring to the fact of removing disturbances and misfortunes through music.

The horseshoe of fortune

Another common method of gaining good luck is to place your fortune horseshoe indoors.

Protective amulet that isolates the home from negative energies and provides the room with renewed vibrations.

  • Do you know other positive superstitions from Cuba or other countries? Leave us a message in the comments.

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