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What is Tabacomancia? Tobacco reading and its interpretations


Guess the past, present and future by looking at the wisps of smoke It is possible, and it is through the reading of Tobacco or Cigar that events can be understood and deciphered, thus mysteries are discovered through the interpretation of that aromatic leaf.


It is the art of divination by means of the smoke and ashes of tobacco, an ancestral tradition that has spread fundamentally throughout Latin America and that today has gained a large number of followers.

The importance of tobacco as a spiritual and religious element

We must say that tobacco has always had a powerful presence in religious ceremonies representative of that mixture of beliefs and syncretism that remains in many countries of the American continent, as a result of the processes of conquest and colonization.

Tobacco as a spiritual element in Cuba, is fundamental in rituals santeros, paleros, spiritualists and in ceremonies of other religious expressions, always as a way to invoke the assistance of spiritual beings and deities that will help us advance on the path of life.

But divination through tobacco smoke or Tabacomancia, is an ancestral rite practiced by ancient societies such as the pre-Columbian ones, in which the priests interpreted the figures formed by the smoke to inquire about future omens.

Tobacco reading: the art of divination in smoke and ashes

The sacred reading of tobacco is a very powerful tradition, practiced mainly by seers and spiritualists who analyze and interpret the symbols formed by tobacco smoke and its ashes.

In this sacred practice, the rituals may vary depending on the experience and way of proceeding of the spiritual master who will perform the reading.

  • Usually before beginning the ritual, some prayers should be said, including an Our Father and a Hail Mary, and sanctified in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  • Then, the interpreter smokes connecting with the energy of the consultant, although the consulted can also smoke.
  • Among the ways to proceed in this practice, it is said that when two centimeters of tobacco are smoked, any sign present in it must be interpreted.

How is tobacco interpreted? Some of the interpretations in the reading of the Cigar

Lighting a tobacco

There are many interpretations in Tobacco, they may even vary depending on the person who consults, their experience and how to proceed.

According to the smell it gives off:

  • If tobacco smoke smells clean and pleasant, the person has nothing to fear, they are good omens.
  • If, on the other hand, it smells like something rotten, it indicates disease.
  • The smell is similar to that of ammonia, it indicates that the consultant is the victim of a sorcery.

Reading and interpretation according to the parts of the cigar

  • The edge White can indicate love in progress, while black dots on the crown are symbols of envy, jealousy and separations.
  • The scales Gray in tobacco symbolize suffering and loss, while white augurs good luck, reconciliation and better health.
  • The stripes Black points indicate a long illness and red points negative surprises, and the white line, on the other hand, predicts prosperity.
  • The ash, if it remains straight, it speaks of stability and good streaks, but if it falls, it indicates an uncertain prediction, which can change and if it is twisted, it can reflect doubts of the individual.

Also, for example, if tobacco sparks fly, it means that there are problems and envy around the person being consulted.

Meaning according to how the ash and the elements of tobacco or cigar are manifested:

Although the interpretations that can be made in the reading of tobacco are many, they even vary between the people who carry out the readings, we show some of the situations that can be manifested along with their spiritual meaning.


  • White colors are related to luck, love and abundance,
  • black tones portend falsehoods, success is not achieved, obstacles and enemies arise.

The firmness of the ash:

  • If it stays upright without falling- indicates happiness, good luck, positive omens for love and in life in general.
  • It twists, but without falling: bad luck comes along the way, together with debts, heartbreak, insecurities and complicated problems.
  • If it falls: good omens can be uncertain, uncertainty comes to our lives.

Cigar ash color:

  • White: affirmative answer to what the respondent has asked
  • Black: negative answer to your questions
  • White, but with dark parts: these tones predict many obstacles and situations that limit success and prosperity, together with enemies, envy and many gossip.

Tobacco crown (ash rim):

  • If the border is white- Brings much abundance, prosperity, success in love and business. It also speaks of good health, long life, marriage, and faithfulness.
  • If black spots are displayed: it is not a good omen, in love separations, jealousy and problems can be unleashed between people who have been together, whether they are friends, family or partners.

Points in the ember of the cigar:

  • Red dot displayed down: some tragedy or illness arrives, unpleasant news, or some roads that are closed to bring us problems.
  • Small red dots: means disappointments, betrayals and traps, especially lies in love.
  • Low white dots: it has been marking us good luck and success, especially in lottery games. In this way prosperity can come to us.
  • A single large white spot: A big step in our life is accomplished, whether it is to fight a disease, achieve abundance in business, a marriage or commitment, and solve old problems that were hurting us.
  • A single large black spot: You have to observe the friends and people around you because there are falsehoods near you, and backward things like debts receivable.
  • If the blackhead is large and branching down: predicts a mourning for a relative and the arrival of situations that do not favor his life.
  • Two small black dots with circles on top: love manifests itself with this signal, passions and loves that come to provoke.
  • Separate and uneven black spots: He speaks of enemies and betrayals, the envies and the evil tongues are stalking his steps. You have to be careful.
  • Several black dots in a row: It marks that the separations are going to take place in our lives, whether in family, love, friendships, gossip and problems, grudges and uncomfortable situations are unleashed.

Depending on how the tobacco is burned:

  • It burns more on one side than on the other: When this happens, many setbacks and disappointments are visualized, along with unfortunate times that do not favor you.
  • Burns evenly: For its part, it brings much happiness and success, dreams fulfilled, goals achieved and satisfaction in your life.

Flakes seen on tobacco:

  • Gray scales up: As the gray color this signal indicates sadness and pain, the arrival of misfortunes and situations related to health.
  • White scales up: love and new friends are coming, a new life with reconciliations, health, love and good vibes.
  • Several white scales facing up: fertility arrives and a pregnancy, good omens, and possibilities of prosperity.  

Streaks or marks that are perceived during reading:

  • Se see one white stripe: as the color white this sign brings good things, full of stability, health, success and luck, good friendships are here to stay.
  • A fine white stripe: good luck is activated, good times to generate abundance in business, trips and projects that we want to undertake.
  • Red stripe crossed: predicts loneliness, pain, crying, some illness and difficult situations.
  • Black stripe: related to some disease, restless moments come that generate expenses and uncomfortable situations.
  • Slanted small black stripes: this brand is related to love, when two people fail to understand each other and love conflicts arise.
  • Black zigzag stripes: envy and failures come to teach us lessons, you have to be careful and make good decisions.

Whether we feel that everything is fine or if we perceive that we carry bad energies, it is good to take energy and purifying baths that clean, then we leave some.

It is always good to take baths that help us open paths and keep them open:

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