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Taboo in Ogunda Ofun: Do not leave life in the hands of chance

Ogunda Ofun Taboo

Ogunda Ofun is a sign that warns To the religious who must take care of his marriage if he wants to keep it, he speaks of trust in the couple and of the future projects that are drawn up when you want a life with a loved one.

In this Ifá the man must:

  • Watch over their interests and it is considered a taboo to leave life in the hands of fate.

The person enjoys luck in the vast majority of the edges of life

This is a sign of good fortune, the person enjoys luck in the vast majority of the corners of life and his plans rarely fall apart.

You must always be careful, because envy stalks you.

  • The ovaries and the uterus are organs that the woman governed by this letter must take care of, as they will be the target for the ailments that she may suffer throughout her life, the most frequent being cysts and fibroids.

Olofin gave the person in this odun the gift of divination

Ifá recommends:

  • Do not have unprotected sexual relations, because in this letter the woman is fertile and will easily become pregnant.
  • Abortions are not recommended because they produce these serious injuries inside.

The great Olofin gave the person in this odun the gift of divination, so you should pay attention to your dreams and your hunches, because through these the Eggunes will speak to you, transmitting their messages.

Orula says in this sign that it is taboo to neglect the family

In this Ifá, warriors are received to achieve stability in life, health and prosperity.

Set up a spiritual vault in your home and start developing your spiritual field.

Ein the sign Ogunda Ofun Orula marks as taboo:

  • Neglecting the family, because in this one will find the true happiness of the person.
  • Never leave a child behind with your back turned because the child could get lost along the way.

All that the earth offers to this one has to return

In Ogunda Ofun everything that the earth offers to it has to return, this is a letter of beginnings and endings, where each thing must be valued and know that nothing on our soil will be eternal.

Ifá recommends you give everything you can to your loved ones while they are alive, because once they leave this world, regrets will be worth nothing if you were not by their side at the time they needed you most.

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