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Tatagua: A Legend that warns about the abandonment of the Children


Before Cuba suffered the attacks of the Spanish conquest and colonization, the aboriginal population that lived in it were without worries and in total freedom.

Legend has it that, in the current province of Cienfuegos, called Jagua at that time, lived an Indian called Apiri.

The story of Apiri and the evil spirit that punished her

This native was very pretty and was always given to dancing and parties without the need to worry about any responsibility.

One day, complying with the will of her parents, Apiri, who was still very young, married a man from her own tribe, who sustained himself by hunting and fishing. 

Over the years, Apiri never abandoned her tastes for music and dance, and still married and with children, she left home to have fun, leaving the care of the little ones at the mercy of fate.

One day while her husband was working, she left her home in search of fun, as time went by the children began to cry from hunger.

The crying was so loud that with their moans they managed to wake up Mabuya, who was an evil deity who took advantage of carelessness to carry out his misdeeds.

The plants of Guao and the Witch Butterfly emerge

This, angered by the unstoppable crying of the little ones, went to their home to silence them and found no better solution than to secretly turn them into bushes of Guao, a poisonous plant with large thorns.

When he carried out his crime, Mabuya was pleased and in this way he not only sought to punish the children, but also their careless mother, who had left them alone and unprotected.

When Apiri returned to the house, she did not find her children anywhere, no matter how much she called them, they did not answer, she went out to the patio of the house and saw some strangers.añas wow flat and thought they had to be pruned.

She continued to call her children, until suddenly Mabuya came back angrily turning her into Tatagua, the well-known witch butterfly that we popularly name under that nickname.

From his new winged condition, he continued desperately searching for the children and legend has it that every day he goes to a different house to see if his little children are hidden there and to find a way to get them back.

Reminding mothers with their presence of the importance of taking good care of their little ones and never leaving them unprotected outside of their supervision.

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