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The Power of Divination ► 3 Very Ancient and Spiritual Techniques

Divination techniques

Divination is the method used by humans to obtain information regarding the past, present and future.

Data that are given by a cluster of energies that receive various tributaries sometimes given by ancestral forces, the universe, nature and the five essential elements.

1. The crystal ball, ancient portal of divination.

The crystal ball as a divination technique

The crystal ball is one of the oldest and most famous divination elements that exist on earth.

Its use dates back to the emergence of fairs, gypsy settlements and the first women who saw through the sphere the solution to many of the problems of the individuals consulted.

Its invocation begins with the first contact of both hands joined on it, at which time energy is transmitted and the first signals connected with destiny begin to be taken.

Some seers have revealed that they observe black and white figures in the crystal ball while others reveal only seeing objects.

There are theories about the need to use scented candles and incense in order to connect with the spirituality that leads to divination through the crystal ball.

Although it should be noted that after having some years of experience doing this work, you will only need concentration to predict what the future holds.

2. The glass of water, a window to the other world

The cup of water as a divination technique

Water is a natural element that represents regeneration.

This is in close relationship with the spiritual world, to such a degree that it is used to predict the future contained in a crystal cup.

It is the precious liquid, the window that allows spiritualities to send messages to their protégés, to such an extent that they manage to prevent them from dangers or losses that lie ahead.

3. Cards tell stories

Cards as a divination technique

Divination through the use of cards is more than a divinatory technique, it is a tradition where cartomantic uses the numbers and figures of the cards to predict the future.

The fortune teller also uses various types of decks, the most popular being:

  • Spanish letters and
  • the tarot.

With each roll, a link is created that describes the destination little by little.

Each deck represents a fundamental piece within the story that is told to those who enter the consultation, with the help of the cards, various questions can be asked. the spirits.

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