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The Prohibitions of Faith: Jehovah's Witnesses in Cuba

Jehovah's Witnesses in Cuba

Jehovah's Witnesses They are a denomination with anti-Trinitarian beliefs, which is why this religious aspect is distinguished from the others that emerged as a result of Christianity.

Although they base much of their beliefs on the doctrines of the Bible, their main objective is to honor Jehovah and bring his word to all mortal hearts by preaching their faith.

The emergence of its fundamental cell took place in the United States, specifically in the state of Pennsylvania, dictating through this the doctrine that governs this congregation around the world, which for more than a hundred years has had freedom of worship.

Belief in Jehovah and some of his characteristics

For more than fifty years the belief in Jehovah has boomed in Cuba, placing him as the only god, who has the exception of not being omnipresent.

They in turn accept Jesus Christ, who is for them the son of God, but not his incarnation, this is also reflected in the Archangel Michael, protector of the Universal Church.

Jehovah's Witnesses accept Mary as the mother of Jesus Christ, but do not worship her as the progenitor of God.

The great Apostasy and free will are its precepts, which completely surpass predestination. 

Baptism born in this cult is performed only in adults by immersing the devotee in water, a fact that allows them to purify.

Jehovah's Witnesses Reject Pagan Holidays such as holding:

  • The birthdays,
  • christmas and
  • Easter.

Nor do they consider weekly breaks necessary, since they believe that they were not planned for them.

The Christian cross like other religious images and symbols are alien to their faith, they do not identify with acts of violence shown in cinematography or music, nor do they with paranormal events, nor the rest of the existing religions.

They are governed by a strict doctrine of dress and personal aesthetics where women must not wear tight or short clothes to avoid in this way the sexual desecration of the human body.

It is curious to highlight that these devotees firmly believe in the establishment of the kingdom of God on earth and that a very small percentage of humans after their death will ascend to heaven.

Among the practices they consider immoral are:

  • Sex before marriage,
  • masturbation,
  • the homosexuality,
  • the rude words,
  • induced abortion and
  • religious practices alien to their faith.

For these religious, the preaching of their doctrine is fundamental, the one they carry from door to door.

They do not attend military service, nor do they recognize national attributes or symbols, they do not allow blood transfusions to be administered in medical procedures as they consider it an impure act.

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