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Testimony of love and devotion to the powerful Orula in his day

Orula Testimony

From a very young age I saw Orumila worship in my house, I come from a religious family where its two fundamental pillars were made up of a great spiritualist and a consecrated Ifá priest.

My grandfather Pedro Muñoz who is the Babalawo, to whom I refer, passed away with more than 37 years of Ifá and always believed that in the correct interpretation of the odunes of Ifá was the answer to the problems for which the religious who came to consult at the foot of Orula they crossed.

The celebration of Orula, a day of gratitude and faith

The fourth of October, the day on which Orumila is celebrated, in my house were unforgettable dates, I remember that from very early in the morningañana and until late at night godchildren came from all over Havana to visit Orumila showing him their gratitude and devotion.

My grandfather respected and loved Orula very much, he was a highly organized person and I remember that he prepared for this date a month in advance, as he intended to give a beautiful gift of grace to the great Ifa diviner under his roof.

I wanted her from Ifá of my grandfather was his mother and when she passed away my grandmother, his wife, took her place, she was always a great cook, because of this she was in charge of making sweets for Orula and helping the oluo attend the Ifa oracle .

Over time, this date has remained in my memory as one of those events in which great happiness and pride are experienced.

Orula's word guides us on the right path...

I feel that Orumila is a very great Orisha, his power goes beyond what any human being can even imagine.

Orula is divination, it is consecration, it is humanity and it is respect, because without her wise advice man would not be able to direct his destiny on the right path.

When the religious receives the ikofa in the case of women or the hand of Orula in the case of men, his life changes completely:

  • Stability is found
  • you have a destiny to follow and
  • health is restored.

It is important to note that this deity does not exonerate anyone from death or disease, but it does help prevent it from attacking human beings in an extremely violent way.

When the religious is able to respect the advice of Orula, he lives a happier life and the obstacles that are in his way may make him temporarily deviate from his objectives, but they will not be able to persuade him of the correct path. 

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