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Strong clubs used by Tiembla Tierra to defeat enemies

Palo Mayombe earth trembles

The Mayombero He bases his work on the use of strong sticks, on which the religious creates his rituals and invocations.

There are many woods that the palero uses in their ceremonies, among these we can mention the Palo Tengue, which is considered strong among the most powerful sticks of this sect, and the Moruro, a trunk that is capable of performing good actions as well as performing bad ones. labors.

These clubs are among those that receive the direct influx of Tremble Earth, mighty Mayombera deity, this is in charge of exercising authority over spiritualities dominating them at will.

4 Clubs to beat with Tiembla Tierra at Palo Mayombe

Earth trembles Palo Mayombe Palos

The Palo Malambo, ritual instrument of the Earth Tremble.

The Palo Malambo He lends his virtues to the works summoned by all the Mayomberas deities.

Although it should be noted that Tiembla Tierra has a greater influence on this as it belongs to its foundation ceremonial arsenal.

It is the strong suit that monopolizes the drainer in order to perform benign and evil works alike.

This wood has great spiritual strength, which is interrelated with the call of the Congo spirits, who were the first practitioners who knew and used its benefits on the earth plane.

Palo Cenizo balances the spiritual forces.

The Palo Cenizo It is irradiated directly under the virtues of Earth Tremble, a deity of great power within the PalerĂ­a. 

Some religious classify this wood as insignificant and weak, myths that are very far about the true properties of the Ash wood.

This trunk is essential in the work carried out in the Mayombe rule since this is the one in charge of unifying the other sticks that are used in the rituals practiced, being in charge of balancing all the spiritual forces that intervene in said tasks.

The Voice Change Stick is used to exert influence on the enemy.

The Stick Changes Voice It has millenary mystical properties, since ancient times the first mayomberos used it in order to exert influence and domination over their enemies.

This stick is closely related to the Earth Trembling deity.

Its virtues include the gifts it possesses for persuasion over people, making them susceptible to sudden changes in decisions.

Many times the palero uses this wood to distort the destiny of the man on whom the ritual is performed.

El Palo RamĂłn, a powerful tool to summon spirits.

The Palo RamĂłn It is one of the strongest clubs that exist in the Rule of Palo Mayombe.

He possesses the power to call the Eggunes effectively in order to summon them in fulfillment, the seal of pacts and the payment of tributes.

This wood contains many mysteries related to life and death, which is why the mayombero owes it absolute respect and devotion.

It is creditor of multiple medicinal benefits, among which the regulation of the body and the relief of ailments stand out.

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