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What does it mean: in times of Andilanga? traces of the Bantu Congo in Cuba

Times of Andilanga

In times of Andilanga… vestiges of the Bantu Congo language on the Caribbean island.

We have often heard the phrase “In times of Andilanga…” especially in the mouths of older people, even of the practitioners of the Osha rule (popularly known as Santeria) or in other Afro-Cuban religions.

It is also a common saying that initiates the cultural and religious legends and stories of the African territory.

It is said that “In times of Andilanga…” belongs to the mayomberas practices of the Religion of Palo, which implies obtaining the force of nature and the spirits.

The phrase is part of the Bantu Congo dialect that endures today in Cuba, thanks to the syncretism of Afro-Cuban roots present throughout the island.

Meaning of the phrase: "In times of Andilanga"

Mayomberos say: "Let's take a walk in the time of Andilanga"

In this sentence the meaning refers to:

  • Let your imagination fly long ago, to the Congo times in which the rites that are still followed today in many parts of the world were born.

That is why when we read a story that begins with this phrase: "In times of Andilanga", we must take it as “Time back” o "Once upon a time".

It is the way of the Congo Bantu language to refer to events in the past, that could have happened or that are part of legends and myths.

The Congo Bantu language in Cuba

The touches of the Congo Bantu language that have remained in Cuba today show the linguistic complexity of the Bantu peoples who participated in the African settlement of the island in colonial times.

The bulk of the vocabulary is made up of lexicons originating from imperial languages, kingdoms, clans and families.

And according to research, voices of Kiluango, Kiyombe, Kilari, Munukutubá, Kilingala, Kiswahili and Kikongo, etc., prevail today in the language.

Experts on Afro-Cuban religiosity indicate that the other three Cuban palo monte orders derived from the kimbisa mystical religious order and this shows that the Bantu language of the Cuban paleros has the basic religious lexicon of the mayombe.

Voices of the kiyombe of the mayombe coming from the kimbisa magical religious system are in the mystical speech of that religious practice that is still practiced today in various territories of the Island.

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