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Types of Eggun Do you know the types of Beings that accompany us?añan?

Eggun types

The Eggun They mediate between the living, sacred spirits that assist and protect us, energies of life and death that intervene in both planes.

Spirits and types of Eggun manifesting on the earthly plane:

The Eggun Types

There are many types of Egguns, each one has a different classification and origin, which is why they manifest at certain times to offer their advice or help to men on the earthly plane.

They are beings that according to their origin may be part of our consanguineous ancestors or not, they may be known or unknown to us, they even manifest as beings of light or dark beings, that is, spirits that help and protect us or, on the contrary, disturb our existence.

Eggun Shebo

Spirits that protect us since we are born, and also beings that are obtained in the course of life, some arrive by grace, others by treaties made with them.

Still others may be of a blood or religious relative.

Eggun Ara

Spirits that we may have close to us, such as deceased relatives, these can be great-great-grandparents, great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, siblings, etc.

Eggun Ore

Spirits of known people who were friends and may be present at specific times.

Eggun Ori

Spirits that guide the thoughts of the individual and are related to the person. It is the being that at a certain moment is leading the other protective spirits that it possesses.

Egun Epin

Family spirit that guides the rest of the consanguineous spirits.

Eggun Awo

Spirits that have Ifá, and present themselves to take care of a specific situation.

Eggun Merinlaye

Spirits of the 4 cardinal points.

Eggun Ni Inle

Spirits that live and remain in homes.

Some can be disturbing and we should kick them out of our space, others do no harm and protect the house from unpleasant situations and misfortunes.

Eggun Buruku or Burubuku

Dark spirits sent by other people to do evil.

Eggun Ni Aronu

Spirits of great light, very pure and elevated.

Eggun Igondo

Protective spirits that need spiritual care for the person who has them to advance.

How can we know the spirits that accompany us?añan?

Many spirits can appear in a spiritual mass, in a consultation, in the spiritual vault, in dreams ...

Perhaps when these beings manifest we cannot recognize them, that is why the investigation masses are necessary.

Congo, Arab, Indian, Gypsy beings can also make their appearance, since in our spiritual picture we can have beings of different origins.

Let us remember that we are the spiritual heritage of our ancestors.

The spiritual vaults They are a powerful element of attention to the spirits, their power provides a balance in the spiritual picture of the individual and sometimes solves with just a prayer their elevation and light.

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