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4 Types of Spiritists or Clairvoyants and their meaning How to identify it?

Types of spiritists

If you receive information from beyond and can transmit it then "you have sight" as it is popularly said, that is, you are clairvoyant or spiritualist.

Do not be afraid if you see shadows, ghosts and spirits that you may not know, do not think that you are crazy because this is a gift that was given to you.

Spirits do exist and you must be prepared if you want to connect with them, since it is not that simple and requires a lot of practice to acquire wisdom and spiritual growth.

To give light to these beings and flow in this type of spiritual energies we must sit in our spiritual vault, begin to tune in and work with them through prayers made with faith and a lot of light so that these beings rise.

Who are the Spiritists?

Spiritualists, as we commonly call them, are people with a lot of intuition, forebodings and generally possessors of high sensitivity, that is why through their senses they come to feel, hear and see the spirits that try in one way or another to communicate with certain people on earth. .

The practices or beliefs that clairvoyants rely on is called Spiritism.

Not all spiritists or clairvoyants are the same, each one of us has his own gift, therefore we are all unique, not because their gifts are different is there less ability to communicate with spirits, since the senses develop in dissimilar ways.

Some forms or types of clairvoyance that exist

As I explained before, there are some types of Spiritists according to the gift that was given to them, and each one possesses and transmits their spiritual wisdom in a different way.

Here are some of them, although there are many other ways to connect, manifest and communicate with spirits.

1. Mental clairvoyance

Through this gift the spiritist within his mind engages in conversations with the spirits.

Among the types of spiritists this is capable of using the power of thoughts, so it communicates many times without realizing it with beings from beyond, this regardless of where it is or when.

Many do not believe that if this happens to them it is often a spiritual communication, since it is a different way perhaps from how others connect with spirits, and can be confused with everyday thoughts.

Over time you will be able to differentiate when they are your own thoughts and when they are a connection with an entity.

These people receive information without having a specific knowledge of how or where the clear messages that spirits usually transmit, whether they are close friends or not, come from.

That is why it is necessary to know our spiritual picture through the investigation masses (where they describe us and spirits that are next to us appear).

2. Physical Clairvoyance

The character and main gift of these people is that they have the ability to relate to spirits through sensations in their body.

And it is that many spirits to show you attention they do it through different mechanisms, including bodily sensations.

For example, if you have ever felt that they touch you while you are alone, you feel a presence behind you, your hair stands on end, you perceive that things change your place, they knock on the door and you are nobody, among other sensations, then you are a spiritist of a physical type.

This means that you are sensitive to the touch, so you connect with the messages that the spirits transmit.

3. Spiritual clairvoyance

This clairvoyance manifests itself through dreams, either while asleep or perhaps awake, but in a thick cloud that we are unable to know if it is reality or fantasy.

In this way the spirits can give messages of any kind, either for us or for other people.

For example, through this mechanism the spirits even alert about situations that have not yet happened, also:

  • They say their name even when they are not known,
  • they manifest their tastes and even how they are usually dressed,
  • they can convey all visual information like a movie.

These spiritists have very clear eyesight to access visual signals from the afterlife at a higher level.

4. Emotional Clairvoyance

Spiritualists who develop this gift do so through emotions, thus capturing the emotional energy of the spirits.

Among the Types of Spiritists these are usually healthy people, without evil, merciful, kind, understanding, with a great love for others.

For example, these types of people:

  • They may wake up with sad emotions and suddenly at one point in the day and without knowing why, they feel that something transmits joy and calm to them, as if indicating that they are not alone and that they will solve their problem.

Now perhaps you can already determine what sensations you feel and define what kind of clairvoyance you manifest, the important thing is to be attentive and aware, to learn to develop spiritually.

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